How To Tell A Taurus Is Lying (Both Man And Woman) – Watch Out For These Signs

Taurus is a sign known for its honesty. They are considered one of the most truthful zodiac signs. So, when you think someone is lying, it’s probably not a Taurus. However, even the most honest people have their moments of dishonesty.

If you’ve ever tried to get information out of a Taurus, you may have noticed that they have a knack for telling lies. While all signs can be tricky to read, Tauruses are especially good at hiding their true intentions.

If you want to learn how to tell when a Taurus is lying, keep reading! We’ll go over some tips that will help you see through their deception.

how to tell a taurus is lying

Change in vocabulary

If a Taurus is lying, you’ll often see a change in their vocabulary. Specifically, they might use more words to try and fill up space or to sound smarter than n they actually are. They might also use more complicated words when simpler ones would do just fine.

Typically, liars will use more complex words in order to make themselves sound smarter or more credible. Taurus natives are typically quite verbose, so look for any sudden changes in the length and complexity of their sentences when questioning them about something they may have lied about.

If this is a Taurus that you know very well, such as your partner or a long-time friend, you will notice the change in their dictionary right away.

They will not try to prove anything

Taurus is a very proud sign, so if you ask them if they lied to you, they will simply and maybe a little arrogantly say no and leave. It is one of the clear signs that they are lying and that they do not want to talk about it.

If you accuse Taurus of something they didn’t do, they’ll talk to you about it, they’ll ask you why you think so, and you’ll know they’re sincere and telling the truth. If Taurus doesn’t want to talk to you about anything, or maybe calls you crazy for thinking they’re lying, then you can be sure they’re lying.

Strange silence

Another giveaway is if the Taurus becomes unusually quiet or withdraws completely. This could be a sign that they’re trying to come up with a story or lie that will sound believable. If this happens, it might be helpful to ask specific questions instead of general ones – that will make it harder for them to fib their way out.

Taurus natives tend to be quite stubborn and will only speak the truth if they are absolutely sure that it is the truth. If you notice that your Taurus is being unusually quiet, they may be withholding information or trying to come up with a lie.

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Difficult time staying still

If the individual born under the sun sign of Taurus is lying, they will not be still. They will continuously move, fidget and shift as if something is just more uncomfortable than others. They may also squirm as he readjusts his body to find some sort of comfort that doesn’t exist.

Like a bull in front of a red piece of cloth, Taurus cannot be at peace and stay till, either when they lie or when you tell them you suspect them of lying. If you accuse the innocent Taurus of lying, their reaction will be different at first glance. Not only will they communicate with you, but they can also stand or sit still.

They’ll turn the table on you

Taurus individuals are known for being honest and reliable people. They have a strong sense of morality and ethics, and they generally value honesty and integrity above all else. However, there are exceptions, as with other horoscope signs.

If you suspect Taurus of lying, they’ll turn the table on you and say that you are the one who lies. It’s their defense system and if you’re a vulnerable person, they know it will work. Taurus is not a fast-thinking sign, so they usually come up with something that doesn’t make sense, but they believe it will protect them.

Last words

Taurus’ are known for being stubborn, they will never admit that they’re lying. This is because their ego can’t handle the shame of admitting to a lie. By being aware of these signs we mentioned in our article, you can have a more honest and open relationship with your Taurean partner or friend because you can tell if they are being honest or lying to you.