The Most Obvious Signs A Taurus Likes You

Taurus is the second sign of the horoscope, influenced by the element of the Earth. This gives them a sense of practical and material affairs. When they are enthusiastic about an idea, they like to work hard and tirelessly to realize it. You could say they are very purposeful if they set a clear goal like a bull after a red flag.

They have a very responsible approach to life, and the material background is essential for them. The bulls like to surround themselves with beautiful things and appreciate luxury and comfort.

signs that a taurus likes you

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus – a planet of love, beauty, romance, and sensuality. Men born under the sign of a Taurus stand firmly with their feet on the ground and are realistic. Women are very feminine and dignified, having a sense of order, tradition, and duty. Both sexes born under the sign of Taurus pride themselves on their privacy, appreciate sense gratification (especially taste and smell), admire beauty and art, and are down-to-earth.

Taurus is very reserved and vigilant in his privacy, and it takes more time for them than any other sign to trust someone or open up. However, there are a few signs to tell a Taurus like you. What are they?

#1 They act as if they were not interested..

..But they are. This may sound a bit strange, but it is one of the typical behavior patterns of this zodiac sign. In the beginning, you shouldn’t expect any big bursts of emotion and phone calls or text messages every day as, for instance, Gemini does.

Taurus is a very cautious sign that is afraid of rejection or making a mistake. They like to take their time and not be in any type of hurry. For the bulls, it takes longer to trust someone and open up or express their emotions, so they can ignore you (they don’t really ignore you, but it seems like that) or act as if they were not interested in you at all.

Such behavior does not really indicate whether there is genuine interest. You have to interpret their body language accurately, and this is where the eyes should be looked at. You can tell from them the real intentions and emotions.

#2 Eye talk

Taurus may be silent in words, but their eyes always give their feelings a clear expression. If you want to find out whether they like you or not, you have to make eye contact with them.

It’s well known that eyes are a prevalent indicator of romantic interest, but with the bulls, it’s quite different. Taurus rule and live through their five senses – from the taste, hearing, and smell to touch and sight, and if they don’t tell you that they like you, their eyes will do it!

Look closely in their eyes through which you look into their soul. Their eyes may glisten slightly or move from side to side. They may, actually, try to avoid eye contact, but this is also part of the standard behavior patterns.

#3 Their affection

how to tell if a taurus likes you

A very noticeable sign that a Taurus is interested in you is their affection. They will be very gentle, protective, and helpful to you. They will help you in everyday life, do small tasks for you, repair things in your household, or bring you eggs that you forgot to buy for dinner.

Even though they have a difficult job and are busy all day, they will always make time for you. It’s one of the obvious signs that they like you that you simply can’t overlook.

#4 Silly nicknames and compliments

“You’re wise like an owl!” “You’re a superman/superwoman!” “You were the best. You did an exceptional job!” Taurus loves being complimented and has no problem in giving compliments, too. In fact, they do not compliment everyone they know and are rather picky in this matter.

If a Taurus begins to give you compliments, it’s a clear sign that they like you. As already mentioned, Taurus is a sign that rules our senses, so their compliments can often relate to smell (“you smell like a rose”), touch (your skin is as soft as a baby’s butt), hearing (you have a sweet voice like a bird) and so on. They will also praise you for your efforts and the hard work you have done.

Except for these “silly” compliments (well, not all of them are silly, but most), a Taurus will start calling you various nicknames like “handsome, ladybug, kitten, pup, darling, baby, honey” etc.

#5 Ready for anything

Taurus is considered a slow and not very active sign. However, this is not the case if they have an eye on you. They will be ready for anything. Whether it is a car trip across the country, watching a romantic movie at the cinema, or a walk in the park, you can always expect them to say yes to anything you come up with.

#6 The pleasure of food

how to tell if a taurus likes you

That Taurus is very often associated with food is nothing new under the sun. There are a number of funny pictures and memes about Taurus and food. If a Taurus likes you, they invite you to a fine restaurant rather than give you a material gift. They believe it is more valuable to you and, indeed, to them. Not only do they want you to eat well, but they also have a chance to spend some time with you.

The bulls believe that love comes from the heart but passes through the stomach.


Even though the bull as an animal looks quite aggressive or cruel, the Taurus is a very tender and sensual zodiac sign that needs more time and confidence in terms of relationships or dating. However, if your interest is reciprocal, trust me, the Bulls are truly amazing lovers, partners in crime, and best friends in one.