How to turn social media into a learning tool

On average, we spend 2.5 hours a day on social media. It turns out that you can create a personalized educational system in social networks to learn by scrolling through the feed.

You can discover a huge number of professional and personal skills with the help of social networks: from fitness and healthy eating to fashion and financial management.

Social networks, as an educational portal, complete, and do not replace, classical education.

By consciously working with social media algorithms, you create a personalized educational ecosystem of continuous learning. Such a system will help you immerse yourself in a new topic, naturally and unobtrusively master new knowledge and skills. By the way, here is a useful life hack. When you come across a useful post in your feed, you don’t need to think about how to download Instagram videos. Just copy the link to the post, go to the Inflact website and click on Instagram video download. So you can quickly create your own mini-library on your smartphone.

One week is enough to show the algorithms what exactly you are interested in. Go to the recommendations and see what kind of output has formed. First, highlight the knowledge that will help you immerse yourself in a new topic. These are entire media and individual articles, thematic groups, role models, experts, exercises, promotional materials, and events.

Use search engines to explore several thematic media that can publish useful materials in your field of interest. Next, subscribe to the pages of the same media in social networks. All updates to these magazines are now available to you. To train the Instagram algorithm to show the usefulness of the entire amount of information, like and save posts and materials that help you grow. At the same time, hide posts from the feed that you do not like or do not relate to your area of ​​​​interest. There will be fewer of them.

Hashtags also help you see all the latest or most popular on your topic. For example, on Instagram, you can subscribe to all updates for specific hashtags – this is the ideal work with the database. Scroll through different hashtags until you find the ones that give you the most useful content. So you will automatically get the best in your feed. Save everything you like in the collections – the algorithms will produce more similar material.

During the day, you will go to social networks more than once. You will scroll through your feed and read everything that appears there with varying degrees of immersion – but now it will be good advice and useful materials on a new topic. All incoming information will begin to form a more correct view of the required area.

How much time to spend on such social networks? How many before, only the content will become much more useful. You will still scroll through a part, practically not reading it, but the information will still be stored in memory. By consciously working with social media algorithms, you will get a perfectly tuned, personalized learning ecosystem of continuous learning that, in a microlearning format, works with your immersion in a new field. Social media content will turn from disparate colorful cat videos and celebrities to collections of exercises, reviews, and posts from people who already have the skill you need.

Today, the approach to education has changed radically. You don’t have to go to university at all. The concept of lifelong learning is rapidly gaining ground. The way you learn is changing. Previously, people received one education, and then worked and developed within the framework of the mastered profession. Now people change several jobs and professions in their lifetime. In order to learn new skills and grow in the profession, each person must learn to learn – to become their own coach, mentor, and coach. And social media are our assistants in this. Remember, you decide how to pass the time. You can not only have fun but also constantly learn something new. So, why not subscribe to our resource on Instagram?