How Your Birthday Affects Your Luck in Life?

Have you ever heard someone was born under a “lucky star”? Already in ancient times, it was believed that stars were affecting our lives, and while someone was literally born under a lucky star and everything they touched turned into gold, others were not blessed with such luck and encountered misfortune and many obstacles on their life journey.

Does our birthday affect luck in life or are we the architects of our own luck? Keep reading!

how your birthday affects your luck in life

To find out how our birthday affects luck or success in our lives, it’s good to look at both numerology and astrology. Numerology can be understood as self-knowledge, by means of the numerical code obtained by our birth, that is, we know what talents we have and how our life will unfold. Astrology, like numerology, is the way to self-knowledge, with the only difference that we do not look at numbers as much as on planets, houses and their positions in our birth chart.

In numerology, the birthday number is one of the most important figures because it tells us what we will excel in, which skills and abilities we possess and whether we are among the more fortunate individuals that have been blessed with luck or whether we will encounter challenges and obstacles on our journey through life.

The birthday number is the number of the day we were born, so we don’t have to count anything as it has to be done with the life path or karmic number. There are 31 birthday numbers, however, not all of them are considered lucky. For example, if you were born on the third day of the month, you are not likely to be lucky when playing a lottery, but you are endowed with talent and your source of creativity seems endless. In fact, you find joy in the little things and that is the best of luck for you.

Luckiest birthday numbers

Individuals born on the 21st of the month will also not be lucky to bet on their favorite horse or win on the scratch-off cards. On the other hand, they are very popular and everyone wants to be around them. These individuals have great communication skills and if they are not traveling to a country where they have not been, they are doing something they have never done. These people literally love adventure, collecting new experiences, and sharing them with anyone they meet.

If you were born on the 14th day of the month, luck seems to be on your side. Although these individuals seem rather shy or introverted in character and they need more time to trust someone and open up, good fortune literally embraces them. Whether they buy a raffle ticket, bet on sports, or spontaneously buy a scratch-off card at a gas station, luck and good fortune never leave their aura.

Number 7 is considered the happiest number and so is in the birthday numerology. People born on the seventh day of the month are lucky and have a great sense of making the right decisions. They also have excellent intuition and well-developed imagination that helps them in their daily lives.

Last but not least, people born on the twenty-ninth day of the month are highly intuitive, they know how to take control of their lives and make their own luck. However, if they do not follow their intuition and rather listen to what others say, they can make bad decisions that won’t make them feel lucky.

Astrology and luck in our lives

If you didn’t find your birthday number among the lucky ones, don’t worry! The birthday number is just a puzzle piece of the big picture that shows whether we will be lucky or not and in what direction our life will lead.

Star constellations –

As already said in the beginning, someone is born under a lucky star and someone is not. The term “lucky star”, however, has been used for years and does not mean just one single star, but all the planets and their positions at the moment we were born. In fact, astrology does not revolve around just one planet; it’s a system that explores the events in space and the influence of planets in their current position on human life and human society.

Astrology is an indicator that will show us how our life will go, but it also gives us a chance to change our fate or choose a different path. If you don’t know the position of planets and houses in your horoscope, use an online birth chart report, such as cafe astrology.

What are the luckiest placements and aspects in your birth chart?

Traditional astrology speaks of Jupiter and Venus as planets attributed to the ability to contribute to a positive outcome and good luck. While Jupiter is considered the “great luck”, Venus is called the “lesser luck”. However, both planets are indicators of luck in our birth chart.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius means nothing but luck. People with this aspect are carefree, selfless, they love sport, nature, travel, trying new things and often run the risk. They believe that you can’t win if you don’t play, nor will you get a reaction without action. Whether they play dice, cards, online sports betting or lottery, luck is always on their side.

Jupiter in the 5th house

If you have Jupiter in the Fifth House, you have considerable confidence and are idealistic. The people with Jupiter in the fifth house are successful entrepreneurs, and luck stands by their side in business and in personal life. It’s one of the luckiest aspects because whatever they do brings them success and great fortune. Other positive aspects are Jupiter in the second and eighth houses.

Venus in the 9th house

Venus, as a benefic planet, brings joy and happiness to our lives. Unlike Jupiter, which brings a great deal of luck, success or winnings, Venus brings small but worthwhile opportunities to achieve success and have more luck (especially if Venus is the dominant planet in your birth chart).

Venus in the ninth house is full of optimism, new experiences (mostly gained through traveling), joy, social connections, and fortune. This placement brings luck both in personal and professional life and is a very good indicator of happiness and luck in your horoscope.


Astrology and numerology have a great impact on our lives, and some aspects or numbers can predetermine whether or not we will be lucky in our lives. Either way, keep in mind that even though you weren’t born under the “lucky stars”, you can create your own luck yourself. You can start by enjoying the little things, opening yourself to the opportunities or taking risks in the pursuit of your goals.