Is the Sparkling Water Craze Healthy For Us?

Are you trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle? A few changes in your diet and daily habits can have a massive impact on your health. One of the things you can do is cut down on your sugar consumption by eliminating soda from your diet and using a healthier sugar-free alternative. One that comes to mind is replacing plain boring water with Sparkling Water. But, is the sparkling water craze healthy for us?

Sparkling water is becoming increasingly popular, so you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the hype. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is Sparkling Water and What Can it Do for You?

Sparkling water or carbonated water is just like water, except that it contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. The water is infused with carbon dioxide under pressure, creating the fizz that makes it known as fizzy water.

Health enthusiasts claim that carbonated or sparkling water is a healthy alternative because it offers the same refreshment level as soft drinks without the added calories. As we know, soft drinks have several adverse effects on the bones’ density, tooth enamel, and even worsen irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. 

There are different types of sparkling water, but all of them contain dissolved carbon dioxide. Some of them also have other healthy minerals that make even better for you. Here are the different types of sparkling water.

  • Seltzer Water: This is a popular type of carbonated water. There are some flavored Seltzers, but they don’t contain any sugar or other additives that can make them less healthy. 
  • Club Soda: Club soda contains other minerals like potassium sulfate in addition to the added carbon. They can be flavored, too, but this is typically not the case.
  • Tonic Water: This typically contains sugar or a sugar alternative, citric acid, and other additives to enhance the flavor. It has a bitter compound called quinine that works with sugar or corn starch syrup to taste distinctive.
  • Natural Sparkling Water: This is water with dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium with carbon dioxide added later. 

What are the Benefits of Sparkling Water?

If you’re struggling with increasing your water intake because of the taste of plain water, sparkling water can quickly become the best option, thanks to the variety in flavor. However, aside from that, there are some quite additional benefits.

It won’t Increase your Weight

Sparkling soda offers the same fizziness of soda without the extra sugar than makes you gain weight or crash after a sugar high. Moreover, drinking sparkling water can help you fight off cravings that mess up with your weight loss plan. 

It Can Promote Faster Weight Loss

When you’re consuming sparkling water, you won’t be adding unnecessary calories to your diet, unlike soda. You will be able to enjoy the fizziness while consuming zero calories, so you can easily stick to your weight loss regimen. 

It Helps you Feel More Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for your health, but some people struggle with drinking enough tap water. Sparkling water tastes better and is easier to drink so that you can get enough water.

Dehydration affects your physical and mental health. Drinking enough water can help with regular headaches and migraines. It can help with regulating your blood pressure and maintaining healthy blood circulation.

It Can Promote Bone Health

Although there isn’t medical research to support this claim, some claim that consuming carbonated or sparkling water is better for your health. Unlike soda, sparkling water won’t decrease the density of the bones. Additionally, soda contains phosphoric acid that enhances the flavors but affects the absorption of calcium. Sparkling water doesn’t include this ingredient.

Can Drinking Too Much Sparkling Water Be Bad?

Although sparkling water has several health benefits, consuming too much of it can have unwanted side effects. Sparkling water is acidic as it contains carbonic acid. This acid, just like any other acid, can damage the tooth enamel when consumed in larger quantities. However, this is typically unlikely, primarily if you practice good dental hygiene. 

How to Choose the Best Sparkling Water

Not all sparkling water is created equal. Picking the right one can become tricky, especially with how many are in the market today. However, as you navigate through the isles in search of the healthiest option, keep the following in mind:

  • Read the ingredients to make sure that it’s free from unnecessary additives. Choose plain sparkling water when you can and enhance the taste naturally. 
  • Make sure that there’s no added sugar or sodium. The sugar added to your drink can significantly increase your weight, even if you’re trying to watch your diet. Most people already consume too much sodium in preservatives, so you should make sure that you aren’t consuming more of it.

Wrap Up

Sparkling water can be a healthy alternative to plain water. People struggling with the taste of plain water but want to drink less soda might find this a happy medium. 

Drinking sparkling water in moderation will help you stay hydrated. But, make sure that you’re not consuming too much sodium or any added chemicals to stay healthy as you enjoy the refreshing taste of sparkling water.