Law of Attraction For Weight Loss

The Law of Attraction says that our thoughts, both positive and negative, bring positive or negative experiences to our lives. The main idea is that like energy attracts like energy; wealthy thoughts bring wealth, and poor thoughts bring poor results. Positive thoughts bring more positivity to life, while negative thoughts bring more negativity. 

It works like a magnet or honey for bees on the basis of attraction, hence the name Law of Attraction. All the things we attract into our lives are the answer to our thoughts and energy, not the answer to what we want or don’t want. 

law of attraction for weight loss
Law of Attraction For Weight Loss

Most people who have just learned about the Law of Attraction usually ask three big questions: How do I get rich? How do I find a love of life?, and How do I lose weight? Sometimes, weight loss comes before getting rich.

How do you lose weight using the Law of Attraction?

Losing weight using the Law of Attraction is precisely the same as manifesting money. Even though when you’re losing weight, you are losing excessive pounds, and when you’re getting rich, you are gaining wealth. They are two different words, yet they have so much in common—the goal of achieving something.

In order to lose weight or attract more money, you need to have a crystal clear vision of what it is that you want. “I want to be skinny” is not the right idea to get started. “I want to lose weight,” is also not the right idea. How can the universe know what being skinny looks like? How can the universe know how many pounds you want to lose? Is it just two pounds or twenty pounds?

Everyone perceives things differently, and the universe simply does not know what a little, a lot, skinny, or fat is. The universe doesn’t even know what a lot or little money is. For some, $10,000 is a lot, while for others, it is a small amount of money. 

Learn to define exactly what you want to achieve

The Law of Attraction works best if you are as specific as possible. What you need to do is to define precisely how many pounds you want to lose and set a deadline.

weight loss affirmations
Weight loss affirmation

Sit down, take out a pen and notepad, and write down your exact goal. You can formulate it into several affirmations:

  • I am attaining my desired weight now
  • I now weight 130 pounds
  • I manifest my dream body
  • By December 20, 2019, I weigh 130 pounds
  • I am determined and ready to lose weight
  • My body is getting stronger and healthier every day

Or it may look like a letter to yourself: law of attraction for weight loss

“I know my weight is what lowers my self-esteem and prevents me from doing many things and being more social. I decided to work on myself, and I decided to discover my inner beauty, strength, and courage. By December 20, 2020, I weigh 130 pounds. I have higher self-esteem and feel great in my own skin. I am grateful that I have the strength to make a change, and I am grateful for my success and achieving my goal.” 

Reprogram your subconscious mind

Once you have a clear vision of how many pounds you want to lose and see your future self in your inner eye, you have already created the body you want to own. The body or the perfect weight already exists in your mind, and now is the time to transform this idea into physical form. 

A lot of people question themselves about how to get started. Should I immediately go into a caloric deficit? Should I eat less? Should I start attending sports clubs or run every day? Should I start walking 20,000 steps every day or cut carbs from my life?

The biggest mistake people do is that they immediately plunge into things that promise weight loss. They start eating less and doing more sports, or they walk more during each day or buy the smartest devices to control every calorie they burn. 

All this is not long-lasting because it usually ends as fast as it started, and such determination to lose weight can last only a few days or weeks. Maybe they’ll lose a few pounds during the first weeks, but in a few months, they can gain these pounds back or even more. 

weight loss affirmations
Weight loss affirmation

Once you decide to lose a certain number of pounds by a specific date, don’t start with anything mentioned above. Start with small but powerful steps, which are affirmations and visualization. 

Slowly but surely, start getting used to repeating positive affirmations at least twice a day, preferably in the morning after you wake up, either in bed or in front of the mirror. Do it the same way every night before you go to sleep. You can repeat positive affirmations whenever you have a moment—at the bus stop, in the subway, in the bathtub. secret tips

Also, start with visualization. Imagine yourself looking the way you want to look like. See yourself already wearing that beautiful small-sized skirt. See yourself standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself how proud you are. Literally feed your subconscious mind with affirmations and visualizations because it’ll get used to it over time, and it’ll start to act in such a way that you start losing weight naturally and effortlessly. 

Your eating habits and relationships with food will change. You’ll start making better food choices. You’ll begin to move more, so you will burn more calories. If you eat something extra, you won’t regret it, because in the depth of your mind you know that you won’t gain a single pound. 

Don’t push yourself too hard. Do not limit yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others and accept yourself as you are. You can start where you are, do what you can, and use what you have. Weight loss is easy and fun!