Leo and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put two fires together? Apparently, there will be twice as much fire, twice as much heat, twice as much energy, and passion.

And perhaps even twice as much danger. But this is not the case with the combination of two astrological elements of fire, the fiery animal Lion and fiery Sagittarius, the half-human and half-horse.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility ♌♐

A relationship between two fire signs can be rather intense and passionate in all directions of life, however, there can be a continuous illusive sense of competitiveness between them.

There will be many pleasant and exciting experiences and interactions, but one might try to overshadow the other in certain ways, and vice versa. Although they tend to be rather challenging and competitive with each other, it rarely turns serious.

There will be generally friendly challenges between them like who can run up the hill faster, or who can hold their breath longer underwater. These two love to stimulate each other and it leads to an entertaining and fun fueled interaction. leo and sagittarius compatibility

The way these two horoscope signs challenge each other leads one to push the other beyond their limits, and it can be an exciting and exhilarating experience for both. There won’t be much envy, and their competitiveness is more of a friendly kind.

They will do whatever they want to do mutually, and won’t let anyone or anything restrict them, just like the Gemini do. Emotion runs extremely high, and they feed a burning fire within each other. aries

These two unquenchable flames can be somewhat enjoyable to observe. They can be like two kindred spirits experiencing the world together. A blend of two fire zodiac signs results in high energy and hot interactions!

The Sagittarius in the relationship will have a very generous and patient attitude towards the Leo, and the Leo will have a very warm and accepting demeanor towards the Sagittarius, together they can aid each other in reaching their goals and dreams.

leo and sagittarius compatibility
Leo woman/man with a Sagittarius woman/man is a great match.

There can be very heated arguments with tempers flaring and exploding like fireworks, but after they have smoothened out their ruffled feathers they will be forgiving to each other and will want to experience love and understanding between each other again.

Arguments won’t last too long and will be caused more due to spur of the moment anger and agitation. Leo might be a bit stubborn at times, possessing an increased sense of pride but the friendly and understanding nature of Sagittarius always keeps the fire inside Leo under control.

Sagittarians are always seekers of truth, and they do not tolerate pretentiousness. The Sagittarius has the ability to break down Leo’s intense ego and pride, and can turn him into a purring cat wanting love and affection!

There can be times when Leo’s pride pushes him into isolation and will close themselves off from the Sagittarius, but the lonely Lion will come out from the shadows in due time once it’s realized that it needs the love and affection of its beautiful adventurous archer again.  There are very few things sadder to see than a Leo separated from its beloved.

This relationship can be strong and enduring if Sagittarius understands that Leo’s ego is as fragile as a feather, and he needs to be very gentle and careful in his approach. Although the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius can tend to clown around from time to time, they must be careful not to embarrass the Leo with inappropriate jokes and comments in front of their boss, colleagues or loved ones.

The Sagittarius also needs to have immense respect for the loved ones of the Leo, as the Lion will not stand for his pride to be hurt and he has immense loyalty and love for his family and loved ones.

Sagittarius does have an ability to soften the pride of Leo and to let the inner soft side of Leo come out. This is something that no other sign is able to do to Leo, making this a very special connection between them in a relationship, in friendship, or in bed.