Libra And Scorpio: Compatibility In Friendship, In Love, and In The Bedroom

Astrology studies the stars and their influence on the Earth and the behavior of human beings. This field of study is basically a powerful tool to know oneself and to know others.

One of the most interesting combinations of astrology is the one generated between the signs of Libra and Scorpio. Both signs have very different personalities, but they can get along well in any area of life if they manage to harmonize their respective energies.

Are Libras and Scorpios compatible? Let’s find out.

libra and scorpio compatibility

Libra and Scorpio in Astrology

Libra is a sign that belongs to the air element, therefore, they are mental, communicative and sociable. Libra loves aesthetics, harmony and beauty. This zodiac sign likes to get along with everyone and tends to give up its position in order not to generate conflicts. For Libra the most important thing is marriage and takes the necessary time to find the perfect partner.

Scorpio is a sign that belongs to the water element, therefore, they are emotional, deep, and sensitive. This zodiac sign possesses a great inner strength, that is why it overcomes the obstacles that life presents to it. They seek personal success and give the best of themselves to obtain it. Scorpio lives love intensely, that is why he/she is jealous, possessive and tend to generate conflicts where there are none.

In Friendship

Libra and Scorpio are different from each other and that is precisely why they can cultivate a strong friendship over time. The passion and intensity of Scorpio presents a new perspective on life to Libra, who has a more mental and logical personality. In this way, Libra learns to express his/her emotions and to enjoy experiences more.

Libra helps Scorpio to see problems from a rational perspective, without getting carried away by confusing emotions. This relieves Scorpio, as this sign is very passionate. Both can successfully tackle projects together. Libra is intellectual and rational, while Scorpio is smart and intuitive. Together they can complement each other in any idea they undertake.

In Love

Libra and Scorpio can have a very positive romantic relationship for both of them, and may consider marriage at some point in their lives. To begin with, they share the same priorities in love: seriousness, commitment, complicity, working for the durability of the relationship. They are mutually attracted to each other’s virtues and charms. Libra is elegant, distinguished and diplomatic. Scorpio is magnetic, seductive and mysterious.

Problems begin when Scorpio manifests his possessiveness and obsession for their partner. That scares Libra, who does not know how to control the situation. Scorpio must manage his/her jealousy and Libra must be patient with Scorpio’s insecurities. Libra must also let his/her emotions flow, to harmonize with Scorpio’s character.

In the Bedroom

Scorpio and Libra can get along very well in bed, because both have aspects that harmonize perfectly in intimacy. Astrology establishes that Scorpio is the most intense sign in terms of sexuality, both in men and women. Therefore, this sign expresses itself fully in intimacy, demanding the same level of dedication from its partner.

Libra, on the other hand, loves to satisfy their partner, therefore they will be able to satisfy Scorpio completely. Libra will know new ways of eroticism thanks to Scorpio, reaching an extreme pleasure. Libra knows how to find the perfect moment for sex, creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere for both of them to enjoy.

Libra likes foreplay and cuddling, while Scorpio likes to get on with it as soon as they jump into the bed. This may be the only problem that may occur with this couple.

Keys to getting along

  • Libra has to let their emotions flow; in this way, they will syntonize better with the Scorpio energy.
  • Scorpios must open their mind to a logical perspective; this way, it will not be carried away by negative emotions. Libra will help them to understand himself better.
  • Libra gives a good structure to Scorpio’s routine, as they tend to lead a chaotic life because of their temperament.
  • Scorpio needs Libra’s calmness so as not to be overwhelmed by their own intensity. Libra needs Scorpio’s sensitivity to experience new emotions.
  • Thanks to their intuition, Scorpio knows how to make Libra feel good, who knows how to appreciate it. Libra is able to control the energetic overflows of this complex love relationship.


Astrology offers the keys for people to get along, whatever zodiac sign they belong to. As for Libra and Scorpio, the two will be attracted to each other by their differences. Libra will appreciate Scorpion’s passion and Scorpio will appreciate Libra’s sense of justice, no matter what gender the zodiac sign is.

Libra & Scorpio rating: 7/10