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Dream About Toenails Falling Off & Its Spiritual Meaning (4 Meanings)

A dream about toenails falling off is quite unusual and yet so symbolic. Any dream

4 Min Read

Dream About Broken Limbs (Broken Leg & Broken Arm) – Spiritual Meaning

A &s you may already know, dreams are being interpreted through symbols and not literally.

6 Min Read

Dreams About Bathtubs Meaning (Full of Dirty Water, Overflowing)

Bathtubs are considered a symbol of cleansing or getting rid of something bad in dreams.

4 Min Read

Dream About Finding A Pearl In An Oyster – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

If you are lucky enough to find a pearl in an oyster in your dream,

4 Min Read

Dream About Buying Groceries For Yourself or Someone Else (Meaning)

Buying groceries is a fairly common dream symbol with more spiritual meaning than you might

4 Min Read

Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying – Spiritual Meaning & 5 Scenarios

If you dreamt about getting shot but survived, this article with five interpretations from modern

7 Min Read