Positive Affirmations For Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes type one or two, use our powerful positive affirmations to improve your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is an unpleasant disease, but with perfect control and a healthy lifestyle can be your life better. Keep in mind that mental health is very important not only for diabetics. Our physical condition is a reflection of our mental health.

Use positive affirmations as often as possible, and watch all the big changes that come into your life. Remember – positive affirmations are used only in the present tense. Never use the future tense! Our future is created with our thoughts in the present.

Our thoughts create our reality. Get started today!


  • I feel fresh and healthy
  • Every cell in my body is health conscious
  • My blood sugar is improving every day
  • My blood sugar is balanced
  • I am very grateful for the excellent blood sugar
  • I feel full of life and love
  • I feel like a healthy person
  • Everything’s under my control
  • I enjoy my life with diabetes
  • All of my cells are well
  • I am completely comfortable with my life
  • I love taking care of myself
  • I take loving care of my body
  • My body and life is a reflection of my beliefs about myself