Positive Affirmations For Diamond-Handed Apes

Whether you have held Gamestop shares (NYSE: GME) since the first half of 2021, or perhaps even since 2020, all you need is motivation; knowledge of the facts denied by the mainstream media and patience.

Buckle up you diamond-handed ape!

MOASS Gamestop GME Affirmations
MOASS is inevitable
  • MOASS is inevitable.
  • Hodling is the easiest thing. It costs me nothing.
  • I detach myself from the outcome and believe in the process.
  • I only lose when I sell in red.
moass gamestop gme affirmations
I relax and ignore the FUD
  • I have diamond hands.
  • My hands are made of diamonds.
  • I simply like the stock.
  • I make my own investment choices.
MOASS Gamestop GME Affirmations
My virtue is patience
  • It’s okay to see red days and red crayons.
  • I am an ape with a free mind and will.
  • I call myself an ape because I like it.
  • Every trading day, whether green or red, is a great opportunity for me to learn something new.
MOASS Gamestop GME Affirmations
I do not give up just because of what people or MSM say
  • I only invest what I can afford to lose.
  • My shares don’t have legs to run away. I will sell them only when I decide for myself to do so, and not when the mainstream media tells me to do so.
  • When in doubt, I zoom out.
  • I am studying and learning new things because I want to see change for the better in the financial world.
gamestop affirmations
HODLing is easy for me and costs me nothing
  • It costs me $0 to hold.
  • I let go of expectations and trust that everything will happen in its own time.
  • I trust my DD (due diligence).
  • I can wait. And I can wait. I have unwavering faith and I know that MOASS is inevitable.
diamond hands gamestop
I have diamond hands
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