Self Love Affirmations

Self-love deserves special attention because it is the absolute foundation of our lives. It is the key to loving relationships and healthy self-confidence.

Self-love is the ability to accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections; to accept yourself as a human being that is worthy of love, peace, and respect. Everyone is unique and if we love and accept ourselves exactly the way we are, we’re opening the door to new opportunities, new life approach and new relationships.

self love affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great tool for personal development and finding self love that can change your whole life. Start by speaking self love affirmations to yourself on a daily basis.

  • I love and accept all of me self love affirmations
  • I love myself, always and completely
  • Today I start loving myself more
  • Loving myself is easy for me now

self love affirmations

  • Loving myself means I am able to love others more
  • Deciding to love myself is a good decision
  • I let my love for myself increase each day
  • I am worthy of love and joy affirmations for self-love
  • I am loving myself and it feels wonderful
  • I am deserving of love
  • My self-esteem grows in proportion to my self-love

self love affirmations

  • The more I love myself, the better my overall health
  • I love every facet of my existence
  • I love every part of what makes me what I am
  • I have complete, unconditional love within me