The Most Powerful Way To Raise Your Vibration Instantly

The Law of Attraction says that our vibration determines what we attract into our lives. If your vibration is high, you are more likely to attract positive circumstances, and if your vibration is low, you attract the exact opposite.

raise vibration instantly

Only make high-vibration commitments.

Did you ever get out of bed and step on a pin? Or did you spill your black coffee on a new shirt? Did you get stuck in the traffic jam on that day when you needed to be in time for a meeting?

All this is the result of low vibrations. It happens to all of us and it is quite normal. It’s a lot in a single day and it’s very annoying. It may be hard to see any hope that something good will happen for the rest of that day, but don’t worry. You can change your vibration, along with the circumstances and events that take place during the day, simply by shifting and raising your personal vibration.

How to raise your vibration instantly

This exercise to raise your vibration is very simple and effective. All you need is to find a place for yourself for a short while. It can be in a car, in a chair, on a bed, in a cafe, anywhere.

I want you to use your imagination and recall any pleasant, funny, uplifting or heart-warming moment that has taken place in your life. It could have been a nice trip with your friend, sleeping outside under the night sky with your loved one or doing something that was your long-term dream. Choose something that has actually happened in your life, something that has made you extremely happy, something that brings a smile on your face.

You can feel like you are experiencing all the moments again, you can feel the adrenaline, the butterflies in your stomach, absolute satisfaction, fun or love. All this is perfect because it is a sign that you are actually experiencing it as before when it happened. The more you experience and recall the memory, the faster you increase your vibration.

raise your vibration instantly

The goal of this exercise is to evoke such a memory where you had a very high vibration. I want you to recall the most pleasant and cheerful moments that has taken place in your life, because at such moments our vibrations are at the highest level.

As soon as you’re done with imagining all the high-vibrational moments, express your gratitude. “I am so grateful for how I feel now. I am full of positive energy, grounded, safe, and connected.

This exercise is a great example of that simplicity is power and you can use it whenever you feel your vibration is low.