Role of Technology in the Spread of Gospel

The world is now in the digital era where almost everything is done digitally. Everyone is embracing technology, and the church is not an exception. The idea of spreading the gospel is to ensure the word reaches as many people as possible. Successful in preaching the gospel requires that you invite others to belong and understand the gospel of Christ. Technology has contributed significantly when it comes to spreading the word of God, from the use of public address systems to online services as means of reaching people. Here are a few ways how technology is affecting the spread of the gospel all over the world.

Easier And Faster Ways Of Communicating

The internet makes communication faster and easier compared to word of mouth or printed text. Many churches like Planetshakers church use social media to reach out to their congregation, sending encouraging and inspirational messages to members. Technology also helps break the language barrier since the gospel resources come in different languages. Some are tailored to reach a particular group of people; hence the language used should be understandable.

Easy Understanding Of What Is In The Scripture

Because of technological changes, people can now provide materials with examples that expound on the word of God to enhance their understanding. Children love exciting things that capture and keep their attention. With technology, attention-capturing stuff like cartoons, storybooks, and drawings can help spread the gospel to them.

Technology Helps Reach A Wider Congregation

There comes a time when one cannot go to church, maybe due to illness, old age, or other reasons. In this case, if you have a gadget that can access the internet, you can listen to your pastor while at home. More and more churches are now live streaming their sermons on different platforms like Facebook. This way, they can reach all those who cannot be physically present at the church. Recording sermons and posting them on social media platforms where anyone from any denomination can have access is an excellent way to reach people.

Technology Has Availed Gospel Resources

Technology has made resources accessible even in remote areas where they couldn’t get them. There are applications for gospel materials, like the Bibles and Hymn Books that are now available on tablets, smartphones, and computers, and by just clicking on a few buttons and you’ll find what you are looking for. Some of these applications provide you with a search tool, where you type what you are looking for and find it within a second, unlike perusing pages which can take minutes. These resources also come in audio and videos, and those who cannot read can listen and understand them.

Cheaper Ways Of Acquiring Gospel Materials

When you have access to the internet, you also have access to biblical resources that are cheaper and readily available. Owning a Bible can be expensive for some people, but downloading one can be very affordable. Even without downloading the materials, you can always check them online.


Technology is playing a crucial role in spreading the gospel. It is a great tool that has helped several churches like Planetshakers church spread the word of God and reaches those who were unreachable through earlier methods of going door to door. Congregations are advised to embrace technology to evangelize and encourage people throughout the entire world.