Should You Spend A Lot Of Money On A Rug?

When trying to find the right rug for your horse, it can be hard to know which of the many options available is best. If you look up horse rugs online, you’ll find lots of different results with varying prices so it’s tricky to know where to start. Let’s explore how much you should be spending on a rug and if you should spend a lot. 

Why You Should Rug

Rugging your horse may not be necessary if you live in a very warm climate as you’ll make them overheat. Horses cool themselves down through perspiration, so covering them up in a thick rug will prevent the cool breeze from evaporating it and effectively reducing their body temperature. However, if you live in a cold, wet climate, you might want to consider it as an option to keep them warm and dry. 

Varying Price

Like most products, horse rugs come in different sizes and prices. The rugs also come in different thicknesses, so if you need a larger, heavyweight rug, you should expect to pay a little more. You’ll also want to make sure that the rug is waterproof if your climate calls for it. This additional feature again may increase the cost. 

Your horse may need different rugs for different times of the year. If you have especially frosty winters, you’ll need to get them a rug that’s thick enough to protect them from the cold, and if your spring weather is quite raining and chilly, you’ll need a lighter, waterproof rug. As you can see, the amount you spend on a rug all depends on the size, thickness, and how many you need. 

Check The Reviews

Whenever you buy a product online, it’s always wise to check the reviews of other buyers. This way you can ensure that you’ve selected a high-quality product. The same goes for rugs. Check the online reviews, speak with fellow riders, and make sure that you’re choosing a reputable brand. Just because the brand is the most expensive, might not make it the best quality. 


Horse rugs also come with different levels of durability too. This is dependent on the type of material it’s made from and is measured using the thread count. For example, if a rug has only 100 grams of filling in it, you can expect it to be very lightweight and not the most durable. However, the higher the number of filling, the thicker and warmer it will be. 

Durability relates to not just how many wears your horse gets out of it, but how well it withstands the elements. A rug with zero fill (sometimes called a sheet) won’t offer any warmth or protection from the harsh weather. However, these types of rugs may be a lot cheaper, so don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the best option if your climate is typically cold. 

If you need to rug your horse, you want to ensure you choose the highest quality product that will benefit your horse the most. It’s worth spending a little more and knowing that your horse is comfortable and cosy on stormy nights. There isn’t a set price that everyone will pay as each horse is different and will their own set of needs to be met. If you spend some time finding the right brand, size, and weight of rug, you can be sure it’s money well spent.