13 Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

If you want to know if someone is thinking about you, but you are too far away to pick up on social cues, you will need to do the next best thing and start paying attention to yourself and the things around you.

Folklore and superstitions give us many examples of ways to find out if someone has us on their minds and whether they are having good or bad thoughts. When you sneeze, hiccup, or feel a slight burning in your ears, these could be signs that something more could be going on.

In addition to superstition, there are other signs that people around the world have noticed when someone has thought of them, such as repeated numbers, seeing the name of a person who is thinking of you, or feeling that they are touching you.

We will shed light on all this in this article.

signs someone specific is thinking of you

#1 Itching Ears

Ears are sensitive to more than just sounds. They can sometimes pick up thoughts, too.

In common folklore, an itchy ear means someone is thinking about you. If you can correctly guess who is thinking of you, the itch will go away. Usually, it is just one ear that itches.

#2 Burning Ears

The Pennsylvania Germans were German-speaking settlers that came to Pennsylvania to live during the 17th and 18th centuries. They brought with them many fascinating beliefs, including ones about burning ears.

According to their lore, if both of your ears begin to burn (turn red) for no apparent reason, someone is thinking of you. If only your left ear burns, someone is having negative thoughts about you, but if your right ear burns someone who loves you is having good thoughts about you.

#3 Feeling as if they were present

You are sitting at a table writing an article or lying on a couch watching a new episode of your favorite series. You’re fully focused on what you’re doing, and, out of nowhere, you feel as if a specific person is present. It’s a very strange, indescribable feeling, which often occurs because someone specific is thinking of you.

This feeling can also occur when you are preparing food and you have a strange urge to prepare food for someone else. If you feel the presence of another person, they are thinking of you!

#4 Their name

Imagine meeting a person named Simone on a business trip abroad. You have a great time together, but your business journey is over. You return home and see a truck with the text Simone on the highway. You hear the name Simone on TV, and you start to see this name everywhere while surfing the internet.

While some would say that it is a coincidence or that the reason is that you perceive the name and notice it every time you see it; in fact, it has a deeper meaning, such that the person is thinking of you.

There is no doubt that if you are literally looking for the name and looking everywhere to see it, there is nothing deep behind it. But if here and there, usually several times a day, you see their name, yes, they are thinking of you.

#5 Dream sightings

When you go to sleep, do you keep seeing the same person over and over? Does a friend, family member, your ex or crush keep showing up in random places in your dreams?

If so, then that person may have been focusing their thoughts on you. Your subconscious mind is picking up on those thought vibrations and alerting you to it.

Depending on what is happening, you could get a feel for what the other person is thinking. What kind of vibrations are you sensing from the other person? Do they seem loving or hostile? How did you feel when you woke up? Thoroughly examine your dreams to figure out what the other person is thinking about you.

Also, if you haven’t thought about this person at all in the last week, month, or even year, there’s a very high chance they were thinking of you.

#6 Hairpins

A belief in Kentucky says that if one of your hairpins falls out of your hair, someone you like is having good thoughts about you.

Interestingly enough, if someone should find your dropped hairpin, they are supposed to hang it up on the first thing they see. Psychic energies will bring the two of you together, and you will become good friends.

#7 Itching nose and sneezes

There are numerous beliefs tied to itching noses and sneezes, but the most common ones involve people thinking about you.

For example, if your nose begins to itch for no known reason, someone is definitely thinking about you. If you start to sneeze and you are not sick, someone is again thinking of you.

To figure out who it might be, ask the first person you see for a 3-digit number. Add each number to get the corresponding letter of the alphabet. So, if someone gave me the number 423, I will add 4 + 2 + 3 = 9. The ninth letter in the alphabet is the letter “i”. Someone whose name begins with the letter “i” is thinking of me.

#8 Shoelaces

Let’s say you are walking around the park. You look down and see your shoelace untied. You know you tied your shoelaces tightly before you left, so how did this happen?

Someone was thinking about you. Thoughts focused on you managed to unravel your shoelaces. In other words, psychic energies traveled from the thinker to the person of interest.

#9 Hiccups

If you get the hiccups after guzzling down a drink or after eating a meal, think nothing of it. But if you suddenly get the hiccups for no reason at all, you might want to perk up your six senses because someone is having negative thoughts about you.

One Central European superstition believes that if you hiccup, for example, 15 times, a person with a name beginning with the 15th letter in the alphabet (alphabet of your native language) is thinking of you in a good light.

#10 Inner voice

Your inner voice can also alert you to when someone is thinking of you. The belief is that if your inner voice says your name, someone is most certainly thinking of you.

To figure out who it is, you are supposed to say the name of each person you know until your inner voice tells you “yes.”

#11 Eye twitching

If you are stressed or under a lot of pressure, an eye twitch might start to develop. That is understandable. But if an eye begins to twitch for no known reason, someone is thinking about you.

According to lore, if a woman’s left eye begins to twitch, someone is having good thoughts about her. If it is her right eye, then there are negative thoughts happening.

For men, the opposite is true. The right eye signals good thoughts, while the left eye signals bad thoughts.

#12 Their date of birth

If you’ve started to see numbers around you that remind you of a specific person’s date of birth, it’s a sign that they’re thinking of you. Numbers like 333 or 777 easily catch your eye, but if you see other numbers, it’s a very clear sign. For example, if the person was born on September 7, 1991, the number would look like 791991, 0709, or 7920 (20 = 1+9+9+1).

These numbers often appear wherever possible, for example on license plates, clocks, or receipts.

#13 Their scent

The last sign on our list is the scent of that specific person. Many spiritualists believe that a person who is deceased and who comes to visit us, communicates through things that are known to us or that we remember about them, including their scent. And so it is with people who are thinking of us.

If they think of you often and intensely, you will begin to notice a familiar scent around you. It can be a perfume they often wear, a body cream, or a body odour.

Bottom line

These were thirteen signs that a specific person is thinking of you. Was some of these signs familiar to you? If any of these signs occur to you, pay more attention and watch the frequency of these signs. The more often and intensely they appear, the greater the chance that someone is really thinking of you, or even that they want to talk to you.