The Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss to improve health and achieve a sexy body figure is challenging for a lot of people. Choosing the right exercise is as important as weight positive loss affirmation

You need to have a clear goal in mind and the willingness to strive and work hard. But what are the best exercises for weight loss? Let’s find out.

exercises for weight loss

Swim and Reduce Your Belly Fat

You’ll shed more weight as you push yourself in the water. Because of the effort of moving your extremities in the water, swimming can help tone your muscles and burn your belly fat, as the water pushes your tummy in while you’re swimming. Swimming is good for your heart, and it’s a fun activity that also helps strengthen your respiratory system. 

Carry and Reduce Your Weight with Pull-Ups

Pull-ups can be challenging, so you have to ensure that your body has the right boost of energy to learn the best pull-up technique and gain the strength required to lift your body. It’s possible to shed some extra pounds with pull-ups because you tend to use a lot of energy by lifting your body.

Here are some tips to increase your pull-ups to help you lose weight:

  • Train Yourself to Success: Slowly nudge the intensity and increase it systematically and gradually. In that way, you can exercise or practice without failing. 
  • Increase Efficiency: Use a lower threshold strategy to improve your endurance and attain better body control. Don’t pull yourself as high as possible because it’s not an energy-saver at all. You might end up exercising less and experience difficulty doing higher reps.
  • Energize: You can increase your energy by taking protein powder, which is a great alternative to natural protein found in dietary sources. 

Test Your Limits with Push-Ups

Push-ups are common gym exercises to tone chest muscles and increase upper body strength. While push-ups are considered a strengthening training exercise that’s designed to build muscles, your body can burn calories to help you lose weight.

exercises for weight loss

Run and Shed Extra Pounds

Running can help you lose weight because it suppresses appetite, which means you tend to eat less. Running can also help improve your mood, keep your heart healthy, and boost your immunity. 

While walking provides similar health benefits, research shows that running is better for those who are looking to shed extra pounds. Running outside is better than running on a treadmill, too, because you tend to use more muscles when pushing yourself forward. 

The recommended running time is at least 2 minutes a day. Try running uphill for an extra challenge so you’ll develop stronger legs. It’ll also help engage your abdominal muscles better as compared to running on a flat surface.

Be Strong By Trying Turkish Get-Ups

If you want to lose weight while improving your strength, stability, and mobility, try the Turkish get-ups. It’s a conditioning move that targets all major muscles in the body. 

With this exercise, you’ll need a kettlebell (8 kilograms) or start with regular exercise weights until you’re able to attain the proper form.

Here are some workout tips using Turkish get-ups:

  • Cardio and fat-burning workout: Turkish get-ups can be combined with any workout by running a clock for 10 minutes. Count the number of reps you can complete with alternating arms.
  • Stand-alone workout: Try six reps of Turkish get up rounds or three reps per arm with two minutes rest in between rounds.

  • Break down components: If the movement poses a great challenge, you can break the components of this exercise by starting with the sit-up so you’ll be more comfortable moving the kettlebell. 

Keep Your Body Fit with Deadlifts

You can perform heavy deadlifts to help you burn fat and achieve your fitness goals. Both men and women can do this strengthening exercise and benefit from the weight loss, muscle, and cardio benefits.

Here are some tips when performing deadlifts to lose weight:

    • Target two to four sets of light deadlifts (15 to 20 repetitions) about two to four days (nonconsecutive) a week.
    • Challenge yourself with heavy weights to increase lean muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate. It makes your body burn calories more efficiently. Perform heavy deadlifts (6 to 12) in about two to three sets, twice or thrice a week.


Now people are conscious about their health. Few are struggling with bodybuilding. Few are trying hard to lose weight. When you are serious about your fitness, you may look for the best guide and body loss and building training. Before starting the journey, some pre-workout review by fitnessvolt may help you a lot.

When it comes to choosing the best exercises for weight loss, you can choose from push-ups, Turkish get-ups, pull-ups, running, deadlifts, and swimming. A good combination of these exercises will keep you healthier and happier. 

Along with a balanced diet and enough rest and sleep, shed extra pounds by performing the best exercises that you love to do.