Tips for Hiring the Best Mechanic for Your Car Service

Here at Sumo Performance, our customers and readers get to ask us a lot of questions like, “Hey, what’s the best ceramic coating for cars?” and so on. But one of the best questions we get asked is if we can provide you with any tips on how to hire the best mechanic for your car service.

Just like with any job, having the right person in charge can make the task easier and the results better. So if you have an auto repair garage, you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the role. Here are some helpful tips that can ensure your success when it comes to hiring the best mechanic for your car  service business:

Define the role

A lot skip this crucial step and just put “Wanted: Mechanic” out there and often end up hiring someone that’s unqualified or not suited for the job. You then end up wasting time and money – yours, your customer’s, and the poor bloke you hired. 

Best define the role and get down to the specifics – what kind of mechanic do you need? Is it for heavy equipment? Automotive? Is a license or certification required? Any specific skills that you’re looking for? You get the picture.  It’s also a good idea to state what you don’t need to avoid any work redundancies and over-paying when you can invest that money elsewhere.

Finding mechanics

Putting up a sign in front of your shop isn’t enough – the right mechanic is out there – and you gotta him or her in. make use of referrals from trusted sources, networking, job boards on social media, or work with trade schools to find the best mechanic there is. You can also tap into recruitment firms – maximize this resource by giving them all the specific requirements you need so they can easily sift through the number of potential applicants.

Get to know them more

This is one of the best (and can be fun) parts when looking to hire someone – it’s getting to know that person. Here, not only will you ask questions to gauge his or her experience and relevant technical skills, but you will also get to know him or her better in terms of personality, way of thinking, a good chance for you to determine if she or he can work well independently and with a team. It’s also a great idea to bring a technical person with you like your head mechanic during the interview as he or she will be eventually working with the team.

Ask for a demonstration

A mechanic works with their hands and shouldn’t be scared to get down and dirty. Asking for a demonstration or conducting a practical exam is also a good way to assess their skill level and weed out the fakers.

These are just some of the tips that we personally find helpful – it’s also how we go to build our amazing team here at Suma Performance! We wish you all the best in finding your ace mechanic!