Top 6 Affirmations To Keep You Optimistic About Dating & Relationships

The search for love in the digital age can cause a lot of anxiety. Online dating apps have evolved into so much more than simply a place where singles can sign up, create an account and then access the details of kindred spirits. People sign up for dating apps for all sorts of reasons. Some love socializing in the chat rooms, joining in group discussions, making new friends. Many more are seeking a partner, either casually, or on a longer-term basis. With so much choice out there and the possibility to join the app from the comfort of your own home, it seems that it should be easier than ever to establish to find a new partner.  But does online dating always work? When an online relationship doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped, it can cause disillusionment. So here are our top six affirmations that will ensure you never give up on virtual dating, and your optimism levels remain acute!

My love isn’t a constant. It grows from day to day.

Once you do connect with someone and sense that this relationship could be something special, never regard this as the end of your journey. It is only the beginning. This is such an important affirmation to focus on, that sense that forging a bond is something to be treasured for the way it will prompt your emotions to evolve. The more time you spend together, the greater this intensity will become.

I’m a magnet for exciting, genuine people, seeking happiness and love.

What type of character does the majority of contacts in your social group have? We tend to surround ourselves with people who are on the same wavelength, so if you are kind, considerate, and passionate, you are likely to find a natural affinity with similar individuals, rather than those who are the opposite to you. Let that be the driving factor to this affirmation. The reason you are immersed in a positive atmosphere is mainly down to you.

I can recognize the onset of negativity, taking instant steps to quash it.

One of the most obvious hindrances to remaining optimistic about love and relationships is self-doubt. But analyze that negative feeling for a moment. Rather than being based on anything tangible, it’s internalized, a product of an unfortunately all too common aspect of human nature, considering worst-case scenarios along with the desired result. This affirmation is all about quashing the former of those thoughts. Never worry about the negatives, especially if the events you are fixating on haven’t even occurred. Learn to identify moments when you need to inject your mission to find love with a ‘reality check.’

I’m on a quest to pave the way for a future filled with love.

While dating sites will give you access to a treasure trove of potential partners, if your ultimate aim is to find your soulmate, think about what this means. When you sign up to an application, you are entering an environment that is geared up to provide you with every assistance to do just that. There is every chance you will have opportunities to meet ‘the one,’ so when everything aligns – another person’s personality, strengths, passions, and compatibility – seize the moment.

My partner loves me. And I love me.

Sometimes it can be worthwhile getting back to basics and simply taking a sideways step to consider the purity of love. Sure, it is a complex, multi-faceted emotion, but also founded on a fundamental truth: it’s all about two people who are right for each other. When you’ve found someone compatible, does anything else matter? This affirmation is all about accepting the uncomplicated joy of being in a contented relationship.

My relationships are always built on trust, mutual support, and lots of affection.

Taking that notion of clarity, you can use this final affirmation to build on it, adding even more flesh to the bones. Break your love into its elements and focus on them individually, marveling at the intensity you currently feel, and the potential to make each aspect even better.