Understand and Read Your Malayalam Jathakam for Free

In the world, there are many forces that have an influence on our lives. We are aware of some while others remain quite the mystery. Mysteries can be intense and exciting, but being able to unfurl some of these mysteries might be able to take you to where you want to be. 

This is why you see many people flock to the Jathakam page of the newspaper every day. Horoscopes can tell you a lot about yourself and make predictions about your future. Newspaper readings do not come close to what Vedic Astrology teaches you. This is why learning to read your Jathakam in Malayalam will come as a pleasant surprise.

Vedic astrology is one of the most ancient and widespread forms of astrology that is practiced. The practice is nearly 5000 to 7000 years old, and unlike the western astrology that gives importance to sun signs, this practice runs on the moon signs as the basis of predictions. 

Jathakam is a very important document in Jyothisham or Astrology, and it is a diagrammatic representation of the sun, moon, planets, stars, and other astronomical aspects. The panchangam is an equally important document that keeps a record of events having great significance to the natural and celestial world.

To be able to easily read one’s Jathakam, you should consider the multiple elements that rule over the natural and spiritual realm. There are too many to cover and you’ll need multiple lessons on each aspect. Taking the help of a professional Jyothishar to analyze your chart will help you get accurate information. Additionally, you can find free online jathakam readings from practiced astrologers. 

There are some elements that you can learn about that could give you a general insight into reading Jathakam. 

Moon signs

Moon placed signs are also referred to as Rashi in Vedic astrology. These are the 12 zodiac signs. The sign where the moon is placed at the time of birth is known as the moon sign, while the sign where the sun is placed is called sun signs. Sun signs mainly signify the outward persona of someone, whereas moon signs are more intricately woven with the inner self and emotions. 

This is the reason Vedic astrology gives greater preference to these. Each Rashi has a different trait that affects your personality. For example, if your moon sign is Meshaba (Aries) then you will probably show an innocent and truthful attitude and be ruled by your impulses. The flux in your moon sign can translate itself as mood swings and heightened emotions. 

Planets or Graham:

There is no force that orders an individual to live their life in a certain way. In Vedic Astrology, Grahams have a direct impact on natural synchrony, so it impacts your life and destiny in various manners. 

There are 7 Grahas in Malayalam Jyothisham- Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and Venus, along with two more shadow planets or Chaaya graham- Rahu and Ketu. Each planet gives out a certain amount of energy and some planets move faster around the zodiac circle than the others. The faster moving planets like the moon and Venus have a rapid effect on us, while inner planets like Jupiter and the sun that take longer have a more lasting effect. Every planet rules over a sign except Rahu and Ketu, which are actually points of reference and not actual planets. 

Bhaavam or Houses:

The celestial sphere is divided into 12 with 30 degrees between each division. When you’re born, there is a local horizon that makes it seem like the entire zodiac belt stretches from the eastern horizon to the western one. Each sign is placed in a particular house at this time. The sign that governs the first house or the highest star on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth is the ascendant or Lagna. 

The ascendant is a powerful sign and controls the face you put on for the world, from your appearance, personality to your confidence, and how social you are. Each house depicts a certain aspect of your life and the Rashi, along with Graham ruling the house, will tell you more about the traits you are likely to exhibit in these aspects. 


According to Jyothisham in Malayalam, different planets influence a person at different periods of their lives. Dasa is this period of a planet when it has maximum effect on your chart. Human life is divided into the mahadasha of the 9 planets, which are further divided into 9 more divisions called Antardasha. Mahadasha runs for several years, but its effect is not limited only to the Mahadasha but also the underlying Antardasha, which runs for shorter periods. 

Yoga and Dosham: 

These aspects are special to Vedic astrology and refer to a very special period of planetary positions on your chart. The way planets collaborate and associate with each other is what yoga means, with some associations being stronger than the other, and some favoring you positively while the others have a negative effect on you. The combinations of planets that yield a negative outcome are called Dosha. Knowing this can help one attain knowledge about their shortcomings and bad periods so that they can devise a way to deal with the situations.


There are various remedies in astrology to help a person heal from periods of bad dosham or troubling characteristics and personal loss. These remedies aren’t a way to avoid said loss, simply a way to cope with them. They might include mantras (sound vibrations,) yantra (refers to ancient devices and symbols used to balance the mind,) tantra (the rituals or actions that allow you to free yourself nullify the ill effects of planetary positions,) and gemstones which are used for various forms of healing. 

With a basic knowledge of these elements, you can further move on to more complex aspects of Vedic Astrology and how they all join together to influence parts of your life. Having a professional help you decipher and understand Jathaka Prutham in Malayalam for free will help you kick start your skills and abilities to calculate precisely and make predictions based on your Jathakam.