What Are the Different Types of Urns?

An urn can be a vase or a metal container that is used to store the ashes of your cremated loved ones. The practice can be traced back to 7000 BC in China when they used to hold the ashes of children. 

A cremation urn is usually made of ceramic and pottery, and later metal was used since it poses less danger of being broken or sustaining any damage. The design is also quite spartan and utilitarian. 

However, families love to honor the departed, which is why you have urns now of many shapes and sizes. 

For instance, a quick browse of the SmartChoice FS website, and you will see the varieties available. There are even urns for pets! 

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, cremation in the United States reached a record high of 50.2% in 2016. Many factors contribute to the uptick. Among the most common reasons are the convenience, as well as the rising prices for burial and the grave lot.

Among the most common types of urns selected by grieving families are:

1. Biodegradable Urn — This is chosen by families who have no plans of displaying the container at some altar in their homes. The material used to make the receptacle is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They can be buried or carried to the final location where the ashes will be scattered as per the wish of the deceased. Among the raw materials are paper clay, cornstarch, clay, ceramic, and tree bark. They are also typically handmade.

2. Pet Urn — This type of urn is smaller compared to the standard product. But they have several designs, as well. To determine the size for your pet’s ashes, convert each pound of your pet to one cubic inch of space. A 50-pound dog will need about 50 cubic inches or more.

3. Religious Urn — A religious urn is your standard type adorned with some divine image, most notably a cross. But for non-Christians, the urn can also be customized to depict an iconic image that relates to their religion. 

4. Theme Urn — Did your loved one have a passionate hobby or sport? A theme urn can be designed to showcase what they loved when they were still with you. Did your husband like to ride motorcycles or golf? Did your wife love to sail? They can all be incorporated into the design of the urn.

5. Veteran Urn — If your partner or parent was a veteran of a war, this type of urn will be perfect for them. It is one way for you to pay tribute to their contributions to the country. The design of the container typically depicts some images that you would associate with a battle. But it is done beautifully and poignantly that will allow you to remember them as they deserve.

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You can also customize the receptacle to honor and remember your loved one. Further, they have cremation necklaces, so you can carry a part of your spouse or children no matter where you go.