Why Are Aquarius So Attracted To Taurus? 6 Possible Explanations Of The Attraction

Aquarius and Taurus are two of the zodiac’s most contrasting signs that tend to be misunderstood and underrated. People who are born under these two zodiac signs often have to deal with a lot of negative stereotypes. They are often considered boring or too picky. However, the truth is that both Aquarius and Taurus individuals are deep and complex characters who just happen to be looking for something special when they meet someone new.

Taurus is an earth sign, which means that this person is grounded and prefers stability in all aspects of life. On the other hand, Aquarius is an air sign, which means that this individual has a very active mind and loves being around new people and having new experiences.

If you’re an Aquarius and can’t explain why you’re so strongly attracted to Taurus, below are six reasons why that is so.

why are aquarius so attracted to taurus

Taurus Can Handle An Aquarius’ Wandering Heart & Soul

Aquarius are very impulsive individuals. They love new experiences and always want to be trying something new. They always want to be on the go and can quickly get bored with their current situation. Taurus individuals are able to handle their impulsive partner and help them focus on their current life situation. Taurus are a little more grounded than Aquarius and will be able to give them practical advice and guidance when they need it.

They are also able to keep the impulsive Aquarius focused and will know how to talk them down when they are getting a bit too impulsive for their own good. Aquarius will appreciate having someone like a Taurus who can handle their wandering heart and help them focus on what is most important in their life.

Taurus Will Help Aquarius Relax And Slow Down

Aquarius are attracted to Taurus because they are more relaxed than them. Aquarius individuals often have a lot of energy and always want to be doing something interesting. They can sometimes be too impulsive, which can cause trouble in the long run. Taurus individuals are more relaxed and can help slow Aquarius down and teach them how to be more responsible. Taurus individuals also tend to be more sensible than Aquarius. They are able to balance the impulsive nature of Aquarius and help them take better control of their emotions.

Taurus Is A Great Listener

Taurus individuals are very intuitive and always know when someone needs their advice or simply someone to listen to them. They are great listeners because they genuinely care about what other people have to say. They aren’t those people who agree with you just to make you feel better. And this is what Aquarius really values. Instead, they will likely challenge the Aquarian and give them their honest opinion.

Aquarius is a very independent sign, they often find it challenging to find a partner or even a friend who can keep up with them. However, Taureans are very patient people who are willing to let their partner have their space. This is the reason why they make great listeners and partners, who can help them through hard times.

Taureans Are Naturally Very Gentle People

Aquarius can’t be easily calmed down once they get started. They are bold, driven, and often stubborn (yes, even air signs can be stubborn.) They usually get so lost in their thoughts that they forget to be polite and considerate towards their partners. Taureans, on the other hand, are very gentle people who are also caring and considerate partners. They are also very responsible and know how to balance their responsibilities with having fun.

Aquarius individuals can be a bit impulsive and don’t always think about the future consequences of their actions. Taureans, on the other hand, are very caring people who think about the future and how their actions can impact the people around them. Aquarius admires this Taurus’ quality because even though they know very well what they should do or say, they can’t help themselves and usually does something they regret afterward.

Taurus’ Commitment To Their Dreams

Aquarians love people who are ambitious and who have big dreams for the future; who go after what they want, and who aren’t afraid to take risks. And that accurately describes the characteristics of Taurus.

Taurus people are always dreaming about something special. They are very committed to their goals in life and know how to keep working hard no matter what. They don’t shy away from hard work and are always willing to put in the time and effort necessary to be great at what they do. Taureans are great at seizing every opportunity that comes their way and they are always making progress towards their goals. Taurus often thinks things through carefully, takes their time, and analyzes the situation, which is something Aquarius is naturally drawn to.

Taurus’ Dependable Personality

Aquarians love people who are confident and self-assured. These individuals don’t always need reassurance and they are always comfortable in their own skin. Aquarians appreciate the loyalty in a relationship and they want to be with someone who they can rely on and trust. They don’t like playing games and they don’t enjoy excessive drama. They want a partner who is always consistent and who is upfront and honest with them.

Aquarians love people who are confident enough to put themselves first. These individuals don’t need to be the center of attention all of the time and don’t require constant reassurance from their partners. They are very self-sufficient and can take care of themselves if necessary.

Bottom Line

Aquarians are attracted to Taurus because of their ability to slow down their wandering heart, mind, and soul, their passion for life, subtlety, and dependable personality. They also appreciate Taurus’ tendency to be loyal and consistent. Usually, Aquarius can’t help but fall for their unique, perhaps too opposite personalities. After all, this is clear evidence that opposites do attract!