12 Affirmations for happiness in life

Joy or happiness is a mental state in which we experience a sense of fulfillment and completeness. But what to do when we feel exhausted or without reason to be happy? Try positive affirmations!

affirmations for happiness in life

I create peace and harmony for myself today.

There are many reasons to be happy and positive affirmations can be a great tool to help you find all these reasons! Finally you’ll find that the more you are grateful for what you already have, you’ll end up having more.

  • It’s okay to choose to be happy
  • I float happily in my world
  • I deserve to be peaceful and serene
  • I am happier that I’ve ever been
  • The more love and peace I extend, the more I receive
  • I give myself permission to be relaxed and happy
  • I am happy now, in this moment
  • I find joy in even the littlest things in life
  • Joy is an emotion I choose to feel often
  • It’s okay to be happy when others are not
  • I choose to live a peaceful life today
  • I create peace and harmony for myself