7th Chakra: Meaning, opening and emotions

The main function of the seventh chakra (the so-called Crown Chakra) is the perception of being, serenity and self-awareness, and the main body part of the mantra is the brain. This chakra is symbolized by a purple color.

Harmonic functions of this chakra

7th chakra openingThe seventh chakra can not be blocked, but only more or less developed. When the crown chakra starts to open, you will experience moments in which your mind is completely mute, without any negative voices or thoughts, and you mind will also be able to realize its own essence as omnipresent pure Being, in which everything is possible.

If your seventh chakra is fully opened, you’ll find that solid matter is nothing more than a thought form of divine consciousness, and you will also find that your thoughts can create your reality.

Symptoms of closed chakra

Without the development of the crown chakra, you still have the feeling of separateness from the fullness of being, and you are still not completely free of fear.

You are suffering from fear of the truth, failure or death, and become a slave of your negative mind and thoughts. Perhaps you’re trying to think positively, but your head is full of negative thoughts, which diverts your attention, and you are not able to mute your negative inner dialogue.

If you are trying to attract a certain thing in your life, whether it’s more money, love or friends, but you still do not see any result, focus on the development of this mantra, which is closely linked to the Law of Attraction, instead of wondering why it does not work.

Cleansing of the seventh chakra

To cleanse the seventh (crown) chakra, listen to meditation music, stay in the fresh air or use appropriate colors (purple color causes transformation of spirit and soul). Meditation music or stay in the fresh air, preferably in a forest, purifies this mantra and frees our minds of negative thoughts and negative inner dialogue.

Sit on the grass and focus your mind on one single object. Perhaps on a tree. Be focused on the object as long as possible. The less negative thoughts you have during the day, the cleaner will be your seventh mantra.

Purple color, as mentioned above, transforms spirit and soul, and carries a very strong vibration. Get a purple stone or talisman, or use purple paint in your interior design.