Affirmations for mothers: Be an inspiring role model to your child!

Being a good mother is the greatest career a woman can achieve. And also a great responsibility. Love, care, protection and efforts to prepare the child a bright future, it all belongs to motherhood.

affirmations for mothers affirmations for mums

I am strong and loving mother.

If you decided to be an inspiring role model to your children, give a try to positive affirmations. A mothers ring could be a great gift for yourself.

They are simple but extremely effective, and can help in so many ways.

  • I spend time with my child so I may talk to him and teach him
  • I protect my child emotionally and physically
  • I am strong and loving mother
  • I teach my child to be generous and kind
  • I am the best mother under the sun
  • My child is wise and generous
  • I accept my children just as they are
  • I am the inspiration for my child
  • I respect my children in all aspects
  • Being a mom is a great challenge
  • I am so happy and grateful that my child is healthy