Affirmations For Overcoming Procrastination

Many of us have stuff we tend to put off. But when we miss deadlines, break promises, or delay doing something until the last minute – especially on a regular basis – we can create a lot of stress and conflict in our life. Procrastination creates a never-ending cycle of stress, defeat, and frustration. When you learn how to take charge of your life, your self-esteem improves and self-confidence grows.

Overcome procrastination with positive affirmations today!

procrastination affirmations

  • I take charge of my life and get things done
  • I can easily overcome procrastination now
  • I choose to be free of the trap of procrastination
  • I focus on the result I want to achieve
  • I have the power to change my life and overcome procrastination
  • I always get started right away
  • My actions support my goals
  • I am always moving forward and working on my goals
  • I am mentally prepared to be productive
  • I enjoy working hard and getting things done
  • I have written a list of my life-time goals
  • I take charge of my time and achieve my goals
  • I naturally turn procrastination into productivity
  • Being productive comes naturally to me
  • I am free of fear, doubt and procrastination now