Best time for casting spells

Each day is ruled by a planet, and the nature of day corresponds to the nature of that planet. Whatever your intention is to attract more love, romance, money or joy, by performing a certain spell on a specific day, you can expect much better results.

Best time to cast spells
Days of the Week

Since Monday is rulled by the Moon, spells or rituals involving home, family, fertility or health are the most appropriate. Monday is the first day of the week, therefore new beginning, growth or birth should be your intention.

Tuesday is rulled by Mars – the planet of high energy, action, passion and aggression – and is best suited for rituals to gain more power, energy, recognition, courage or physical strength. Tuesday is a great day for spells to gain more muscle!

Wednesday, the third day of the week, is rulled by the planet Mercury. If you’d like to improve your communication skills, learn a new language or improve your memory, perform spells on this day. Wednesday is good for research, for writers , and for teachers.

Thursday is rulled by Jupiter, a planet well known for good fortune, optimism, positive attitude and joy. If you want to send someone positive energy, or you yourself want to attract more joy and happiness, perform your spells on this day.

Friday is associated with both the planet and the goddess Venus. Since Venus is the Goddess of Love, Friday is the best day for dealing with anything to do with love and romance.

Time of the Month

For the time of the month, we look at the phases of the Moon. Anything to do with increase – money, love, business, improving your health, or promotion – needs to be done in the waxing cycle of the moon, from new moon to full moon. Anything to do with loss – losing weight, stopping smoking, disassociation, or separation – needs to be done in the waning cycle, from full moon to new moon.