Full Moon Spell For Money

Full Moon is the most magical time in the entire moon cycle and not only is it known in the occult world, but it affects the human body, both mental and physical health, too.full moon spell

The full moon has great power to amplify, manifest and create. It’s a truly magical period; we see nothing with our physical eyes except the beautifully shining sphere, but we feel the energy in the air. And the energy can be either soft and relaxing, or stiff and heavy, depending on what zodiac sign is the full moon sitting.

full moon spell

Full moon nights can be very cold and there may be great light outside, animals may be more aggressive than usual and people may suffer from insomnia, nervousness or stress. That’s just a small number of things the full moon affects.

In fact, there is a wide variety of things that the full moon has a great deal of influence, and because of its tremendous power, it’s great to do different rituals, spells, say full moon affirmations or manifest your dreams during this magical period.

The full moon feels like an open gate ready to accept all your wishes and dreams, and working with this energy can be very beneficial to you.

Full Moon Spell for Money

I learned this ritual from a woman who knew how to work with full moon energy. She always went to the woods to tear the fern the day before the full moon and then put it under her pillow. Allegedly, it was supposed to ensure her good health.

Also, she used to stand in the window in the full moon glow with her wallet open and casted a spell that brought her a lot of money.

All you need to have for this ritual is a wallet and a few banknotes in it. Find a place where the moonlight glows and stand there. If the full moon occurs during the day, don’t worry, there are various apps for smartphones that can help you locate the moon in the sky.

As you stand there, open your wallet and pull out your largest banknote. Close your eyes and imagine the banknotes flying from the moon to your wallet.

If you want to attract say $5,000, imagine $100 bills flowing into your wallet. When the last 50th $100 banknote lands in your wallet, close the wallet and express your gratitude for the money.

Induce the feeling that you actually have the money in your wallet. Feel it, be grateful for it, act as if it has already happened.