Does Each Person Have a Guardian Angel for Protection?

You’re walking to your car after a long night at work when a stranger holds you at gunpoint asking you for your wallet. By some miracle, the robber only takes off with your wallet. You’re able to cancel your bank card before any real financial damage is done to you as well.

“Someone up there must be looking out for you,” Your family tells you when you speak your story. You brush it off with the typical “I’m just happy to be alive” sentiment but you can’t help but think that there is some truth to their words. 

Angels protect people who ask for it according to religion. Keep reading to learn a little more about how they are helping you.   

Spiritual Protection 

You’re probably familiar with the old shoulder angel and shoulder devil motif that’s depicted in movies. The two sit on your shoulders and quarrel about what path you should go down. 

This depiction isn’t too far from the mark. Everyday angels work under the supervision of Michael and Barachiel of the 12 archangels to protect you from the influence of demons. 

Physical Protection

God has a plan for every one of his children. If you coming into contact with physical danger would get in the way of that plan, your guardian angel is there to swoop in and protect you from it. 

It sounds farfetched by there are many accounts in the Bible that display guardian angels performing such a feat. For example, there was an angel in David chapter 6 who closed the mouth of the lions that would have killed the prophet David when he was thrown in the lion’s den. 

Protection for Children

It’s believed that guardian angels are especially attached to children. The reason why is because children don’t have the knowledge that their parents have to protect and bail themselves out of danger. 

They tend to go full force into everything without thinking about it which is where guardian angels come in.

Influence Our Will 

Your friends invite you out on a Friday night. Something in your gut tells you not to go so you decline the invitation. The next day you hear that your friends encountered a horrible misfortune when they were out. 

You would have been in danger if you’d been there but your guardian angel was there to influence your will. While angels of protection can’t directly push you in the right direction, they can stimulate your senses resulting in what is commonly called a gut feeling. 

Angels Protect Every Single One of Us 

Angels protect every single one of us each day. While you can’t see them at work, they exist to take care of your spiritual wellbeing and keep you out of the jaws of danger. All you have to do is reach out and ask and your protection angel will be there for you. 

There is something reassuring about the idea of someone looking over you. Check out our blog daily for more calming articles like this one.