Dream About Clowns (Attacking or Chasing You) & Its Spiritual Meaning

Clowns are a source of anxiety and negative feelings for many people. The costumes are exaggerated and intimidating, with makeup creating a frightening look and a scary, off-putting smile. When I was little, I had a tremendous fear of clowns. It was hard for me to fall asleep without thinking about the clowns, whether they were hiding behind the bed or the door. These thoughts (and emotions) were then projected into my dreams.

If you watched a scary movie about clowns or were thinking about them and then dreamt about clowns attacking or chasing you, I wouldn’t look for anything more profound behind your dream. However, your subconscious mind communicates with you through this dream symbol if you haven’t thought about them or seen them anywhere. If this is your case, you should start exploring what message this dream is trying to convey.

So, what does it mean to dream about clowns? Read on to find out!

dream about clowns

The Symbolism of Clowns in Dreams

Clowns are seen as a symbol of fun and laughter in an actual world. In the dream world, however, clowns are considered a bad omen. This is because clowns bring fear and panic to many people, and we don’t know who they really are or their intentions because they are hidden under a layer of makeup. In addition, they can laugh one moment and cry the next, which implies that they can wear several masks (fake faces) at once.

A clown in dreams is, therefore, a symbol of the unknown, illusion, uncertainty, falsity, excess, and absurdity. Or, to be even more precise, it is a person who has these mentioned qualities or behaves this way.

Dream About Clowns Meaning

It is not entirely easy to interpret a dream about clown because it’s crucial to take into account the whole context of the dream (e.g., people, place, colors, etc.) However, in general, a dream about a clown often means that there’s a person in your life who is not entirely honest, or they are a completely different person (a two-faced person) than you thought they were until now. 

It is a person who can perfectly disguise their emotions or intentions. For example, on the surface, their lives may appear to overflow with success or wealth. However, they may be doing something you don’t know about, such as various scams or being in debt. Another example could be a partner who lives a double life and perfectly masks (hides) it from you. So, a clown in a dream is usually a person who lives a double life, is not honest, lies, or fools people.

Dream About Clowns Attacking You or Chasing you

A dream about clowns attacking you or chasing you is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. This type of dream signifies that something or someone will try to fool you, which can have serious consequences. These dreams are typical for people who have become victims of scams, multilevel marketing frauds or are in the presence of dishonest people. Make sure you are really buying authentic products, not copies or replicas, or that the overpriced healthy supplements you’re buying from someone are of good quality.

Another typical scenario where people dream of clowns attacking or chasing them is when you are a spiritual or alternative community member. This dream indicates that something is wrong and that you should not be so trusting because this group or community aims not so much to help you as it is to help them (financially.)

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Seeing a happy clown in your dream could mean that you are trying to hide your emotions and pain under a mask. Or it could be someone close to you who appears happy on the outside but feels pain on the inside.

Seeing a sad clown in your dream could, on the other hand, represents someone who appears sad or as if they need help on the outside while the person is doing well in life. A dream about a sad clown often points to a fraudster or a person who, for example, asks for donations on the internet while they are financially secure and doing very well.

Seeing clown makeup in your dream indicates that someone does not have good intentions and carefully thinks out a plan. For example, they will lie to you and think carefully about what they will tell you to make you believe it.)

Seeing yourself in a clown costume or clown shoes in your dream can mean that you do not feel good about who you are as a person or how you are acting at the time. You may feel like you need to change something about yourself or how you are feeling.

Seeing an evil clown in your dream could be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities or enemies, or that you are worried about not being in control of your life. Someone or something is suppressing your true feelings.

Summary of The Dream With Clowns

  • Clowns are often seen as symbols of deception, illusion, falsity, and danger, so these dreams may warn you to be cautious of someone or something in your life.
  • Clowns can also represent things or situations that are not what they seem, so these dreams may be trying to warn you that something in your real life is not what it appears to be.
  • If the clowns are trying to attack or chase you, this may symbolize that someone controls you and has fooled you or used you to their benefit.

Bottom Line

Having a clown dream does not necessarily mean bad luck or aggressive behavior. Often this is a warning of something you can avoid if you analyze your life and find out what or who the clown might represent.