Free Spell for Getting Money Fast: Colors

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In the magic play a very important role not only shapes and other similarities to the desired objects, but also colors.

For getting more money with the magic spells, we use mainly green color! And why? It has several meanings, of which at least two are very important!

powerful money spells

First – the color green is related to the element of earth, which is responsible for material goods and the abundance.

Second – green is the color of nature that sustains us, and therefore is figuratively used for money that they have the same meaning.



 Useful Tips


  • Get green candle that you’ll use in magic rituals.
  • The best day of the week is Thursday, because it is sacred to Jupiter, the planet of abundance.
  • Choose a time when the Moon is growing, because the energy of this phase helps us summon our life a new positive things!


Be specific!


If you want to attract money, you must know the exact amount and the date by which you want to receive money! If we say, “I want $2,000,” we get them, but maybe in ten months, maybe in seven years. I personally use the following text:


“Until August 17, 2014 I expect $4,000 from the unexpected sources. For that, I offer my gratitude, love and mercy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”




Ignite one, two, three or more candles and place them on the table. Place them in any shape you want. I personally compose them into round or triangle.


Now there are two possibilities:


1) Write on the paper text which is listed above, hold it in both hands and loudly read it.

2) Hold in the hand your largest bill and say: “Within a week and a day I expect (your amount)”


Do not give up!


Each of us knows that the situation without money is difficult and even more difficult is to stay calm and positive.

Everyone can conjure up (attract) as much money as he wants, but there is nothing immediate. Be patient and trustful. You will see that only when you strongly believe, miracles begin to happen.

Because everything is about the vibration that we have around us!

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