Helene Hadsell And Her Life-Changing SPEC Method

If you’ve ever heard of Helene Hadsell, it was most likely related to the Law of Attraction. Helene was literally the queen of contests and a wonderful proof of how powerful human thought and intention is.

Helene Hadsell won almost every contest she entered. And it wasn’t just thousands of small prizes. She won several trips, among which was also a trip to Europe, cars, or even a house in Texas. A hardly believable yet true and inspiring story of a woman who started out like most of us.

Helene Hadsell

Helene Hadsell, The Master of “Wish Craft”.

Helene was so determined and brilliant in what she was doing. She came up with a technique she called Wish Craft that was based on her “S.P.E.C.” formula. S stands for Select It, P stands for Project It, E stands for Expect It, and C stands for Collect It.

She won thousands and thousands of amazing prizes by using the power of her thoughts and visualization, and many of us could be inspired by Helene because her story is literally breathtaking.

How did it all begin?

Helene has mentioned several times that after reading a book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent, published in 1952, she started to research further about the power of human thought. She also mentioned three important things the author mentions in his book, which caught her attention:

  • 1) You can have anything you want
  • 2) Know what it is
  • 3) See yourself as already having it

On the same day she read the book, her husband came home from work and read the Dallas Morning News. He found a Coca Cola contest in the newspaper, the main prize was an outboard motor, and showed it to his wife. When Helene returned to the bedroom, she began to visualize her man on the boat with the outboard motor, enjoying himself. 

You can guess what happened next. Helene found out that she had actually won the outboard motor. Amazing, isn’t it? And that was just the beginning of Helene’s amazing journey. Helene never mentioned whether the outboard motor was her dream, but what I am sure about is that it was such a trigger and proof for her that the human thought has the power to create reality, so Helene continued and started winning thousands of other wonderful prizes.

Helene’s S.P.E.C. technique

SPEC technique helene hadsell

Select It

As I mentioned earlier, Helene followed her “SPEC” formula. The first letter S stands for Select It and it is quite clear what is meant by that. Choose what you want to attract into your life. Be specific because a little or a lot are very broad terms.

If it is money, choose a specific amount, such as $20,000. If you want to lose weight, decide how many pounds you want to lose, for example, 20 pounds. If you want some beautiful shoes, choose some specific shoes, such as those gorgeous, shimmering red shoes with heels. You have to know exactly what you want; you have to have a clear vision.

Project It

You chose exactly what you want to attract into your life. Now is the time to visualize it, preferably by imagining yourself with that thing or being at that place. See yourself as if it had already happened.

Feel the flow of energy when you see yourself with those beautiful shoes on your feet. Feel the joy and enthusiasm as if it had already happened. See your friends or colleagues telling you how beautiful shoes you’ve got.

Expect It

If you’ve decided what exactly you want and you’ve already made a mental picture of having that thing or being in that place, expect it to happen. Be so determined and excited that there will be no room for doubt or questions like “How do I get it? When I get it? Will I get it at all?”

Expect it just as if you order something from an online store. You have already selected the goods, and all you are expecting now is the delivery. You don’t doubt whether you will receive the goods at all. You just expect it because you know it’s already on its way to you.

Collect It

The last point of Helene’s formula is to collect it, and it’s so clear that it doesn’t need explanation. Have you ever heard of  “as you sow so shall you reap”?


Helene Hadsell and her success and winnings in many competitions are simply breathtaking. If you would like to know more about Helene’s life and achievements, I highly recommend you to check out her books or listen to audio recordings on Youtube. Her words will give you so much energy and motivation that you will instantly feel one step closer to your goal.