How To Communicate With Angels And Spirit Guides

Angels are beings of pure light whose unconditional presence can be summoned at any time, depending on our willingness to invite this high vibration into our lives.

How To Communicate With Angels

Angels are already with us, willing to answer our requests and need for guidance.

When reaching out towards angels, there is no buffer time; angels answer our calling immediately, and their energy can be easily felt.

Each person has one, two or three guardian angels. Even if at times we are unaware of their guidance and protection, we can naturally attune to their frequency in prayer, meditation, self-inquiry or any kind of practice that slows down the stream of thoughts and purifies the physical and vibrational bodies.

Human-angel communication goes both ways. There are methods that angels use to get in contact with us, and there are also ways to ask angels for guidance.


During prayer, we open the channels of communication between us and the beings of light. When praying, our minds focus on a healing intention, and we are naturally attuned to the messages that come from the subtlest realms of existence.

Prayer is not just asking for things, help or guidance. Through prayer, we can show our gratitude, wish or send love to someone you love, too.

An example of prayer to the Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, I ask you for your presence, because (describe your situation). Please open my creative channels to get the right inspiration. Help me with the opening of the mind, so I can come up with unique ideas. And help me, please, to stay motivated and accomplish anything. Thank you, Gabriel.


Meditation opens the spaces of mind, body, and heart and allows the light within to shine forth. During meditation, our bond with the angels straightens, as the mental toxicity that keeps us in a painful state of solitude and separation, dissolves. When we suffer, when we are confused and lost in a seemingly endless darkness, we can always silently or loudly call for the presence of angels.

The reality is that they are already with us, willing to answer our requests and need for guidance. However, when we meditate, our inner voices are muted, and we can communicate directly with our spirit guides.

If you have a problem with muting your mind, try to sit or lie down, close your eyes and repeat over and over: “Angels, I invite you into my life” or “I ask you for your support during tomorrow’s job interview“. Repeat this sentence as long as it will be the only thing on your mind.

Candles or scented lamp

Candles have always been regarded as something sacred, because the element of fire itself belongs to God, bringing light into the darkness, it’s a symbol of life and creation. It belongs among the most important tools in ceremonies, rituals and magic.

To communicate with an angel on a particular subject, eg. to increase your self-esteem or solve problems with relationships or finances, use a candle of a specific color:

  • White candle – protection, enlightenment, help in decision-making
  • Red candle – love, passion, sexuality, courage, vitality
  • Green candle – prosperity, professional success, health, healing, relieving from pain
  • Blue candle – peace, harmony, help with overthinking, better concentration
  • Yellow candle – assistance in obtaining confidence, awareness of your strengths

Writing a letter to your guardian angel

This method of communication is creative and extremely powerful. No matter what situation you are currently in, grab a pen and piece of paper, and describe what you need to help with. Write this letter exactly as if you wrote it to your friend. If you do not know how to get started, here is a sample for your inspiration:

Dear angel,

I know you’re always with me and I’m very grateful for your presence. I’m going to a job interview tomorrow, but I feel very nervous and uneasy. I’m asking you for your help and support. Please, help me to get rid of all my fears and negative thoughts.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Your Name

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Angel signs

The signs from angels come in numerous ways, from seeing an angel depiction painted on a wall, to recurrent three/four folded numbers, such as 222 or 1111. These messages tell us that angels and light guardians are near, supporting us, gently holding our hands no matter what our outer circumstances are. how to communicate with angels

On the other hand, if you keep seeing any of angel signs, and not only in the form of number sequences (be it images, angelic shapes, butterflies, pennies or feathers), it is time to open up and start communicating with your angels, as they themselves want to tell you something much deeper, but without your permission, they can not do anything but continue showing up their signs and wait for you to invite them into your life.

In other words, angel signs are not a method to communicate with them, but it’s such an alarm that your angels are close by, wanting to communicate with you. All you have to do is to invite them into your life.

Communicating with angels doesn’t require any mystical ritual or complex preparation. Just take a deep breath and ask for their presence. As you become aware of your surrounding angels, you’ll experience peacefulness and hope.