How to Surprise a Girl on a Date: The Best Ways for Men

It is pleasant to look at a girl sparkling with emotions in high spirits — and this pleasure is easy to organize. You just need to please the girl: with words, an original gift, make a surprise for her, surprise with an act. The girls are both alike and different at the same time. Each of them has signs of attention that bring maximum pleasure. But there is also something that everyone loves — deciding to organize something from our list, you definitely won’t be mistaken and delight her.

The girl is surprised in the right way when she receives an unexpected but undoubtedly pleasant sign of attention. If your sexy girls dating from brides4love is already established, has entered a particular framework, if you already have habits and traditions, the field for creativity will turn out to be wide.

A Small Universal List of What to Do to Make a Girl Surprised

  • Do something that you refused to do before.
  • Keep a long-forgotten promise.
  • Save her: solve the problem she is struggling with and cannot handle on her own before she asks for help.
  • Add romance to everyday life: a night walk, a candlelit dinner, theater, picnic — whatever.
  • Show concern for no reason: bring coffee to her work, clean the house yourself, buy or do something for her that will make her life easier. Here, even a hanging shelf or headphones bought to replace broken ones will work well — sheer little things that make life better.
  • Get some relaxation: go bowling with your girlfriend, go to the spa, or just take a weekend trip to the countryside.

How to Impress a Girl on a First Date

It is doubly pleasant to surprise a girl when in person — you will see her reaction. And the first date is a great reason. Just first choose a good place that she will definitely like. But you have to prepare a little in advance.

  • Dress unusually and stylishly. Don’t repeat the exalted stylistic tricks of Elton John, but dilute the look with quaint accessories or choose a T-shirt with a provocative inscription, but not about politics or from a joke shop.
  • Change the program along the way: tell her that you wanted to chill in a café, but there is a more exceptional idea. Think about this option in advance, and make it fascinating.
  • Take the girl to a picturesque place that few people know about. Let it not be a wasteland and not an abandoned construction site: she will be surprised that you behave like a maniac, but this is not the surprise you are seeking.
  • If you go to a café, arrange to be served something from an exclusive menu. You can also pretend that you are making a dish on the hoof — she will be pleasantly surprised at how you are treated at the establishment.

How to Surprise a Girl in a Chat

It may seem like a daunting task to surprise a girl on social networks or a dating site. But in reality, it is not so hard. There is less room for maneuver than with a personal meeting, but there are solutions here:

  • Buy an advertisement that she sees in the feed or under the block of sections of the site — let this advertisement have her photo and a few pleasant words from you.
  • Record an audio message with a song, a poem, or just beautiful words about her and your feelings. Voice messages help perceive the interlocutor better, and the opportunity to let her listen to her voice in romantic affairs is a definite benefit.
  • Send her your own poem or postcard. What matters is the very fact that you thought about her, spent time and effort to please her.
  • Leave comments on her posts and pictures — with compliments, poems, and other expressions of feelings.
  • Organize a quest or a charade game through private messages, the answer to which will be an invitation to a date.

Here are five examples of messages that will surprise a girl:

  1. Intrigue her with the secret: “There is a thing that I don’t tell anyone, but I’m ready to share it with you. Do you want to know a big secret? Just promise not to tell anyone.”
  2. Start communicating in another language, if she also speaks it: “Vous avez été tout simplement parfait ce soir. Je suis tombé amoureux de tes yeux brillants et de ton charmant sourire.”
  3. Apply clairvoyance: find out in advance some small detail about her and her life and show that you know it. Let’s say she didn’t say she has a cat, but you can ask: “How is Marshmallow doing? Is she still the same fluffy?”
  4. Show yourself: send your pictures that are nowhere to be found where you do something unusual. Pull a barbell if you mostly don’t go to the gym, bungee jumping if you seem quiet, sit in a serious meeting if you have a reputation for being a carefree party-goer. In your message to her, write: “Thought you already got to know me well? Many surprises await you.”
  5. Flaunt your knowledge: if the opportunity arises, say something that not everyone knows. For example, when discussing dogs, write: “Did you know that your favorite Yorkshire terriers are more aggressive in nature than pit bulls?”

What Gift Will Surprise a Girl: Original Ideas

A meaningful and valuable gift doesn’t always mean expensive. It is not necessary to run to a jewelry store and look for the cutest ring that is not cheap. You don’t have to order a bouquet of 101 roses or take out a loan for the latest iPhone. These gifts are so typical that not every girl will be really happy with them. It speaks less and less about real feelings, the time spent, and the attention shown to the girl. A ticket to a concert by her favorite band risks making a bigger impression than the largest teddy bear in your city.

  • Something that she has long dreamed of;
  • things related to her hobby;
  • pay for a master class or workshop;
  • buy something that she needs but doesn’t understand: from household tools to appliances;
  • choose something related to your couple

Now that you are fully prepared — go to please her and remember that the best surprise or gift is the one in which you show maximum attention to the girl!