Meanings of Colors in Tarot

Tarot Reading is an activity of mysterious origin, and even though the meaning of individual cards is easily searchable on the internet or in your guidebook, only few of us know that it is also important to be aware of the meaning of the colors on your cards.

These colors can add layers of meaning to the cards as each of them bears a certain vibration. The following color meanings can provide you with other important information to identify the meaning of your tarot interpretation.

Soft and pastel colors often indicate energy that is being used gently and sometimes ineffectively, while dull and muddy colors usually indicate energy that is difficult to understand, sluggish, blocked, or challenging. Bright and clear colors tend to indicate energy that is flowing freely and supporting well-being in obvious ways, however, dark and clear colors often indicate energy that is being used intensely and sometimes too aggresively.

Last but not least, swirled colors or fades from one color to another can indicate energy that is multi-faced, changeable, or unsettled.

Red Color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – physical activity, health, vitality, passion, business, sexuality, courage
  • dull and muddy – illness, lethargy, exhaustion, anger, frauds

Blue color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – emotions, love, relationships
  • dull and muddy – emotional upset, discomfort, or avoidance

Yellow color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – mental activity, clarity, logic, creativity
  • dull and muddy – confusion, creative blockage, diversion

Green color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – health, abundance, fertility, bond with nature, youth, financial abundance
  • dull and muddy – illness, financial struggle, creative blockage

Purple color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – spiritual awareness
  • dull and muddy – impaired connection to spirit

Orange color in Tarot

  • clear and vibrant – passion, decisive action
  • dull and muddy – anger, confusion, ambiguity

Brown color in Tarot

fertility, connection to nature, grounding, down-to-earth, permanence, Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), protection, certainty, possibility to enforce, obstinacy, simple lifestyle

Gray color in Tarot

indecision, confusion, stillness (gray color bears a combination of black and white color characteristics)

Black color in Tarot

mystery, grounding, depth, spiritual awareness, divine knowledge, wisdom, intelligence

White color in Tarot

innocence, peace, purity, absence of intent