New Love Tarot Spread Layout

We’ve all asked ourselves this essential question at some point in our romantic lives. Is it time to invest emotionally in this relationship? Will it last, and will it be worthwhile? To give you the insight you need, this reading really helps you to connect with your intuition and emoticons – the only true sources of guidance when it comes to matters of the heart.

First, shuffle and choose your cards, laying them all face down before you in the order shown below. Then turn all the cards face up, and interpret them according to their position.

Now look at the suits of any minor arcana cards you have. The suit of a card reveals at a glance the way in which you relate to one another. Now interpret the cards in order (card 1, card 2, card 3..)


Swords: A relationship based on the mind and a strong physical attraction

Wands: Soulful passion – speed and intensity

Cups: A deep emotional bond

Pentacles: Shared values and a slow-burn love that lasts

Card 1. Your situation now
Card 2. The other person’s feelings
Card 3, 5. Aspects of your relationship, and how it might develop
Card 4. What will test you or support you
Card 6. Most likely outcome

The original text comes from The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads by Liz Dean