Mercury Retrograde 2019 Affirmations

Mercury is in its retrograde phase about three or four times a year and many of us feel its effect on our emotions and thoughts. Mercury during its reversed movement brings things from the past back to the surface, it affects travel, that is, delays or cancellations, and electronic devices such as computers or phones can have technical problems.

These positive affirmations can help you remain motivated and strong during this special “retro” period. In 2019, the first retrograde mercury will be on March 5, July 7, and October 31.

mercury retrograde affirmations

  • I feel emotionally strong, I breathe in strength.
  • I am in total harmony with everything around me.
  • I am free from all forms of fear.
  • I choose to be free of energy-wasting doubts.
mercury retrograde affirmations
  • I let go of the past in order to move forward now.
  • I now choose to release all the fear and move beyond my past.
  • I remember to tell myself how strong I am.
  • I live in THE NOW.
mercury retrograde affirmations

  • It is okay to say I am happy.
  • I forgive myself for mistakes I have made.
  • I choose to be free of the trap of my past.
  • My world is filled with peace and harmony.
mercury retrograde affirmations
  • My world has an abundance of love, peace, and compassion.
  • I have the strength to face what’s happening now.
  • I appreciate my strong, beautiful and powerful heart.
  • I always progress emotionally in the right direction.
mercury retrograde affirmations
  • It’s okay to ask for what I want.
  • I remove any mental blocks that are holding me back.
  • I completely trust my intuition.
  • I see all my endings as positive experiences.