Tips On How To Take Your Relationship To Deeper Levels Of Intimacy

It’s not uncommon for couples to reach a certain level of intimacy and then cap out. When this happens your sex life can begin to dry up and stagnate, putting pressure on a relationship. If you feel like this applies to your relationship and you are worried that you might be drifting apart, then this is the article for you. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to take your relationship to deeper levels of intimacy and keep that flame well and truly alive. 

1. Be open and honest about your feelings 

You will have heard this before but there really is nothing more important about being open and honest in a relationship. You may roll your eyes but first of all, be honest with yourself. How truthful are you with your partner? How many secrets do you have buried that you are too afraid to share with them? How frightened are you that by being truly honest about your feelings, you might hurt them or scare them off? 

If you truly want to foster connection and closeness, then it’s time for you to start breaching these more difficult subjects. But first, start off with all of the things that you love about them. Think of it as a compliment sandwich: share two things that you love, and then talk about something that might bother you. 

2. Try out some relationship apps 

There really is an app for everything these days and many of them are complete garbage. However, there are a number of love and relationship apps that are proving to work wonders for couples who are struggling. Take Love Nudge as an example, it explores ‘the 5 love languages’; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. By having a better understanding of your partner’s love language, you may be able to achieve some even deeper levels of intimacy. 

3. Experiment in the bedroom 

Another truly effective way of reaching deeper levels of intimacy is by exploring your sexuality in the bedroom. If you want to introduce some BDSM accessories and try out some new kinks then talk about it with your partner. You never know how receptive they might be! Just try not to be too forceful of experimenting with new things. You have to be patient and understanding of one another in order for this to work. 

4. Make an effort to kiss your partner more often 

Nothing beats a good old snog with your significant other so make sure you try to kiss often and regularly throughout the day. Kissing correlates with a person’s perception of the quality of their relationship and when it starts to fade it can seriously impact you, both sexually and romantically. Again, this isn’t something that you should force. Your partner might not always be in the mood and may want to connect in other ways that don’t involve kissing. This is why it is important to be open and honest about everything in your relationship. 

5. Change your behaviour 

Reaching deeper levels of intimacy in a relationship requires that both parties are on board. In order to pull this off with any chance at success, you both need to start forming new, healthy habits and change your behaviour. For example, rather than jump straight out of bed after sex, lay there a while and cuddle. Make the most of the experience!