What gift for Valentine’s Day?

So you still don’t know what gift to buy for Valentine’s Day for your husband or boyfriend? Or maybe you are one of those guys who, when asked about a gift for a girlfriend or wife, have a total blank in their head? Then… very well, because we have some fantastic suggestions for you. How about a slightly more daring Valentine’s Day gift for him and her?

More and more couples want to raise the temperature in their bedroom. So they reach for erotic gadgets. The range of possibilities is extremely wide – from lingerie, erotic massage accessories or lubes and gels, to vibrators for couples, masturbators, or BDSM gadgets. It all depends on our tastes. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try something new in bed and surprise your partner – explains the specialist of the n69.pl store.

Erotic lingerie

Lingerie for Valentine’s Day? Preferably erotic – lacy lingerie in black or red will appeal to both her and him. What should go into such a gift? Certainly a beautiful bra and panties, but also a corset and stockings. Together they will create a stunning effect. A set of women’s lingerie from a well-known brand, such as Obsessive, is an investment for many hot evenings.

Erotic massage

And when the last piece of lingerie has fallen off, it’s worth trying an erotic massage, like the Japanese nuru massage. It is performed with the whole body, and before starting the treatment, the entire surface of the skin should be thoroughly lubricated. Intimate massage is a fantastic way of foreplay, but it is also quite an attraction in itself. To fully surprise your partner or your partner, stock up on massage oils and candles. They will put you in an intoxicating mood and allow you to enjoy each other’s company.

Erotic gadgets for couples

And what erotic accessories for two will work well in your bedroom? It all depends on what your preferences are with your partner/partner and what you are both ready to agree on. The most popular choice among erotic toys for couples are, of course, vibrators – especially since they can be used by anyone, alone or in company. Here are our suggestions for the undecided!

Vibrator for couples

What is a vibrator for couples? Because this gadget has so far been associated more with lonely evenings and singles. Yet the vibrator for two is an increasingly popular trend. You can try Kiiroo products for couples. Thanks to its use, partners can diversify foreplay in an interesting way, or combine penetration with simultaneous clitoral stimulation with the device. A great idea is to choose a wireless vibrator, controlled manually or with the help of… a remote control or an app. This allows the device to be turned on and controlled remotely, even if only by another person.

We-Vibe vibrators for couples

We-Vibe vibrators are in a class of their own – skin-friendly, safe material, body-fitting shape, 10 ready-made modes, and the ability to create your own. What’s more, We-Vibe Sync has two interesting options. The first, Beat, allows the device to operate to the rhythm of selected music. The second, Touch, increases the vibrating power depending on the force with which you press your finger on the vibrator. In addition, the manufacturer offers a free We-Connect phone app so you can create your own modes. The We-Vibe Unite model, on the other hand, has a remote control option. You decide who you give it to.

Lelo vibrators for couples

Equally popular are Lelo’s vibrators – Lelo Tara, Lelo Ida and Lelo Tiani 2 and Tiani 3. Lelo Tara is an exclusive gadget made of silicone and ABS plastic, 100 percent waterproof and safe. It has 6 modes and thanks to the combination of a long arm with a round base, it is able to stimulate all intimate parts of both partners. Lelo Ida is an improved model of Tara – it has as many as 8 modes and is a remote-controlled vibrator (up to 12 meters). With the SenseMotion™ remote control, you can also control the Tiani 2 and Tiani 3 models, which guarantee you and your partner unforgettable moments and absolute safety (waterproof, hypoallergenic material).