What is The Law of Attraction From My Point of View

You will often hear people talk about how unlucky they are, and how they feel as though they are doomed to go through life facing one negative event after another. These people will question how it is they have such poor luck while others seems to see nothing but good fortune come their way.

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We receive exactly what we expect to receive.

What many people fail to understand is that our lives are in essence controlled by a series of universal laws. Some of these, such as the law of gravity, are well known and believed by everyone, while others, such as the Law of Attraction, are lesser known or simply ignored.

When we talk about the Law of Attraction, we are not talking about your attraction to another person, but rather how your actions attract things that are alike. For example, if you are constantly talking about your bad luck and putting out a negative vibe, you are creating a whole world of negativity around you.

It would make sense that other negative vibes would attach to what you have created to make a larger, unpleasant aura around you. To many, it all sounds ridiculous because it is something that they cannot see, but it certainly explains how people are either considered lucky or unlucky.


There are all kinds of positive and negative thoughts and feelings swirling around the universe, and you will attract one or the other by your own actions. If you consider yourself an unlucky person, think about a time when something good happened to you, and hold that thought in your mind for at least 45 seconds or longer.

It more than likely made you very happy, and made you feel positive about yourself and your situation. We can almost guarantee that you went through a little streak of good fortune before you once again started questioning your luck. Once the negativity returned, you immediately reversed the polarity of your attraction.

what is the law of attraction

A person in limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.

What we are suggesting here is that there really is no such thing as luck. By understanding the Law of Attraction, you can be in control of your life, and you can get a little bit of help from the Universe as you try to achieve your wishes and goals. In order to turn things around in your favor, you need to learn how to constantly tap into positive thoughts.

It may be tough in the beginning (as with anything else), but once you get in the habit, you will quickly find that positive thoughts come easily, as do the things that you wish for. Everything that had previously seemed complicated and unattainable will become easy and achievable. “The big” becomes small and “the expensive” becomes cheap.

When you want to do this, try to clear your mind as possible so that you can focus on what you want. The main key is to know what you want in your life. You are not hoping or wishing for something when you do this, you are imagining that it has already happened. You have to believe that nothing can stand in the way of what you want, and that everything you desire will be yours, no questions asked.

These positive thoughts are sent out into the Universe (let’s call it putting a rocket of desire out into the Universe), where they will attract other positives. If you want a more tangible form of positivity, speak aloud or write down your wishes, always using positive phrases like I am, I have or I am becoming instead of I hope or I will.

Be fully present in the here and now, because this is the only moment that you can influence. Let bygones be bygones, because it’s something that’s already happened and you can not change it, but on the other hand, you can learn from it or get inspiration.

Stars can't shine without darkness

Stars can’t shine without darkness. The darker the night the brighter the star.

Start using the Law of Attraction consciously and achieve your dreams here and now! It’s not about activating the Law of Attraction; this law is active without interruption. It’s about the application and awareness of the essence of this law.

The Universe will answer, as the Law of Attraction delivers the positives you have always wanted!

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