What to Consider Before Getting Married in Atlanta, Georgia

Many couples love to get married in Georgia as it is an attractive wedding destination in many ways. The wonderful ceremony destinations, the easy registration, and other procedures make it more welcoming for the couple. 

But, before getting married, it is important to go through some must-know information to ensure everything goes smoothly. Keep reading the article to know those necessary things you must understand and thoroughly prepare before getting married there. 

1. Having Blood Tests

Tests for communicable diseases were needed in the past before marriage. But, nowadays, it is not compulsory for future spouses to be tested before the wedding. Though you still might notice its existence in some states, you do not need to visit a doctor or get certified to show it to the court, as it’s not an obligatory requirement now.

2. Waiting Period

You will be pleased to know that in Atlanta, you will not have to face the waiting period before getting married. It is a phase before which you can sign a marriage license and hand it over. As it is not required in Georgia, you can always apply for the marriage certificate at the Court of County Probate. You can also get the license the same day you want to get married. 

To get married in Georgia, you must be over 18 years old. When you are an emancipated woman, 17 years may be enough. Contact Atlanta Georgia prenuptial agreements attorney to get the right legal advice and services and learn about getting a prenup, which is beneficial for your marriage in many ways.

If you can get parental consent, 16 is enough to get married, but you will need to prove or verify your age. You also need proof to show that you or your partner are a citizen of Georgia. 

You might need to provide documents that include your birth certificate, valid passport, valid driver’s license, visa, etc. If these necessary items are in a language besides English, you might need a notary to notarize and translate your documents ahead of time.

4. Common-Law Marriage 

Georgia stopped adhering to the Common Law Marriage in the year 1997. But, if Common Law marriages were found before this period or occurred out-of-state and moved to Georgia, those couples are still recognized. When you have a marriage like that, which includes a Common Law one, remember, you are required first to separate officially.

5. Requirements to Get a Marriage License

Both you as well as your partner are required to be present, sign and make the payment for the license. If you or your partner have had a marriage before, you might also need to provide a copy of your final divorce decree. 

If the cause of the former marriage ending was death, a death certificate is required. You will need to provide two forms of identification and prove your identities. Make sure a notary translates them if the language is something other than English and validity is also a must.

6. License Costing

The prices of marriage licenses might vary from country to country in Georgia, but in general, they may cost near $50 to $60. You can decrease it if you take a six-hour course in the premarital education program. It states the basics of marriage like compromising, finances, and others. 

Though the duration might seem long, it will be worth it if you are willing to save your money. You can pay with debit, personal checks, credit, money orders, and using almost all payment methods when you get your marriage license in Georgia.

7. Period of Getting a Marriage License

In Georgia, getting your marriage license can be a pretty smooth and painless process. Usually, couples may receive the license the same day they apply, typically in a few hours. 

It might take longer when you have chosen to take a premarital education program as it can take around six hours, but as mentioned above, it can lower your cost. Additionally, premarital counseling can be an excellent way to start your marriage on the right foot while learning something new and essential.

Areas Other than Atlanta to Consider for a Wedding in Georgia

Georgia has many big cities to hold your wedding besides Atlanta, including Augusta, Columbus, etc. You will love the beautiful coastline of 100 miles here, where warm, Southern weather remains almost all year-round. Besides these cities, you will find many more beautiful destinations to pick for your special day in this state.

Whether you are looking forward to a beach wedding, an indoor ceremony, or want a wedding among the beautiful vineyards and orchards of Georgia, you can arrange any marriage scenario as well as the reception.

Final Words

Weddings or marrying in cities like Atlanta and Columbus of Georgia can be much more exciting and easier if you go through all the legal terms. You need to remember the must-know facts and follow them accordingly to have a wonderful and successful marriage in Georgia. You can hold your wedding in any area that attracts you; just remember to follow the rules and regulations to show respect towards the state where you will have the wedding.