Why a prenatal yoga class is the best thing you can do for you and your baby

The baby inside the mother’s belly is a very sensitive and conscious being that responds to the mother’s internal signals, feelings and experiences. At conception, the mother’s and father’s genetic DNA programs are transmitted to their baby’s first cell. But science reveals that during pregnancy these programs can be activated or not, or even modified, according to the quality of the mother’s emotions and reactions, as well as the quality of the environment that surrounds her. When a woman is pregnant, her experiences become information that her baby organizes for his own physical and mental development, and this information is recorded in each of her cells. The womb thus becomes your baby’s first school.

Photo credit: Tone Molnes

A baby who is nourished in the womb of a healthy, loving and peaceful mother starts his life in the best way, as the maternal uterus is also the basis of the baby’s emotional development, reinforcing his feeling of confidence, trust, self-esteem and his perception of what it is to feel loved, cherished and welcome. On the other hand, if the baby in the mother’s womb grows up in a stressful environment, with a sad and anguished mother, this will increase his predisposition to sadness, pessimism, aggression, decreasing his desire to connect and communicate with others.

How can yoga during pregnancy help you?

Yoga is one of the oldest and most effective practices available for improving human health, awareness and connection. It is through the awareness of the body, the slow movement and stops in the ásana positions, the slow and peaceful breathing, the physical and psychic relaxation, that the mother is able to slow down her rhythm, turning her attention inward, towards herself, her body and her baby, becoming aware of the close connection between the two.

The mother becomes aware of her emotions, creates new sensations in her body and in her mind and influences her entire central nervous system so closely linked to her baby’s survival and development. She is then able to calm her thoughts and thus, becoming more sensitive to the physical, emotional and energetic communication that exists between the two.

When experiencing positive emotions during the practice of yoga, the pregnant mother shares her experience with her baby inside, implementing new sensations and sharing experiences to which they will always be able to return in times of adversity.

If you are starting a yoga practice for the first time when you are pregnant, remember that you are in a very special and transformative phase of your life so redouble your care, listen to your own body and your baby, and do not ignore any sense of discomfort or tension. Each exhalation of relief should be observed as a sign of your body, even if you are already used to practicing yoga. At the end of each class, you should feel refreshed, relaxed, more connected with yourself, your body and your baby, with an overall sense of well-being.

By Susana Lopes – prenatal yoga teacher and prenatal educator www.TheStressFreePregnancy.com