Archangel Gabriel – Healing, Symbols and Prayer

Archangel Gabriel (“God has the power“) refers to one of the archangels, usually mentioned along with Michael and Raphael. Archangel Gabriel (female gender) is a guardian of truth and divine messenger.

The Archangel Gabriel is often depicted with a white lily in his hands, symbolizing purity and truth. He’s also sometimes depicted with a bird quill and ink in his hand, which represents the mission of the divine messenger.

archangel gabriel prayer

Gabriel helps with openness and honesty, to tell the truth, thus increasing our respect for truth. He helps you to be guided by intuition and your inner voice. He is the protector of children, caring for the child’s soul in all of us, especially when our spiritual growth has, for some reason, stopped and when we are internally wounded or in need of love.

Archangel Gabriel is the one who helps us using tenderness and loving words to awaken our inner child. There are many ways to pray to Gabriel. One of the most powerful is to call upon him in times of need. You can pray for protection, healing, guidance, or anything else you may need. If you are having a difficult time, you can ask Gabriel to lend his assistance and advice.

Gabriel also helps in these situations:

  • when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin
  • if you lack the tenderness and kindness
  • to get new inspiration (great for journalists or writers)
  • to understand the universal laws
  • for regeneration and rejuvenation
  • for understanding or reconciliation with the truth

Attributes: creativity, art, originality, harmony, beauty
Colors: white
Gabriel’s energy: soft, warm, radiant, creative, ambitious
Chacra: Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) / water element

Archangel Gabriel speech

I am Gabriel, the perfect light being and crystal white light beam of God, with whom Mary (Mother of Jesus) was sent to be the perfect mother’s love on earth. I am a guardian of truth and divine messenger.

I am here to increase your creativity and originality; I can release stress and show you the bright side of your life. Open your heart and call me for guidance or protection whenever you need it. Regarding health, I can improve asthma and bronchitis and can be helpful during menopause. I can keep the balance of hormones and help fertility.

Archangel Gabriel prayer

Archangel Gabriel, I ask you for your presence because (describe your situation). Please open my creative channels to get the right inspiration. Help me with the opening of the mind so that I can come up with unique ideas. And help me, please, to stay motivated and accomplish anything. Thank you, Gabriel.

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