Dream About Peeing Blood – 3 Meanings That May Surprise You!

If you had a dream about urinating blood, I could very vividly imagine how scared and worried you were about your health. When I first had this dream, I was terrified and didn’t know if it was just a mix of images my mind had created or if I should be looking for something deeper behind it. At one point, I even started to panic because I was afraid that my body was telling me through this dream that something was wrong, even though I was perfectly healthy.

At that time, there wasn’t as much information on the internet as today, so I had to begin searching in my grandmother’s handwritten dream dictionary, which was dedicated to interpreting dreams. And I managed to find several interpretations, which I summarized in this article.

Below you will find interpretations of a dream about urinating blood that may surprise you.

dream about urinating blood
Dream About Urinating Blood – Meaning & Symbolism

Dream About Urinating Blood Meaning

Remember that dream interpretations are not science, but people’s experiences passed down from generation to generation. They come from within because we access information stored in the subconscious mind when we dream. Therefore, not every dream interpretation will suit every person. It is also unnecessary to panic when you see blood in urine in a dream. They speak to us only through symbols, not literally.

Detox & Cleansing

When I got to the “blood in urine” section in my grandmother’s dream dictionary, this was the opening line: “May the bad, the dirt, the evil leave your body and make room for the new energy.” Blood, as a dream symbol, symbolizes life and living energy. Urine or urinating, on the other hand, represents relief and getting rid of something that did not serve you. Thus, the dream about urinating blood means that you need to get rid of something that no longer serves you, that makes your life difficult, or is not good for your health.

Through urination, our bodies get rid of toxins and waste. And so it is in dreams.

Fear & Anxiety

Another interpretation from the dream book mentions fear, anxiety, and inner tension. Similar to the dream of a nosebleed, it is very likely that you are repressing something within yourself. Your fear and anxieties are so intense that sooner or later, they can manifest themselves in your physical body, causing physical distress, if not an illness.

While a dream about a nosebleed speaks of some problems or anxieties that other people around you know about, blood in the urine indicates some issues that you are hiding from others, or it is so personal that you do not want to share it with anyone. If this is your case, see a psychologist or therapist because, whether we realize it or not, stress is the root of all illnesses. islamic dream about urinating blood

You Have To Let Something Go

A dream of peeing blood could be a warning sign that indicates the need to let something go of something or someone. Considering that blood in a dream symbolizes life or living energy, it could be someone you depend on, are addicted to, or can’t let go of. If it doesn’t work or the feelings aren’t reciprocated, you can’t force yourself or the other person to do anything. You have to open up to your feelings and realize that the old has to go for something new to come. I know it takes courage, especially when it comes to love and relationships, but if you don’t let go of what doesn’t serve you, you’ll be stuck in a vicious circle while time slips through your fingers. Don’t be afraid of change.

So, to wrap this up, what does it mean when you dream about urinating blood?

Urination is the process by which our bodies get rid of what should no longer be there, including waste and toxins. In dreams, urinating blood means that you need to get rid of something. That “something” is either important to you, or you feel like it is a part of your life. Letting go is not easy and often requires courage. However, this dream is very specific and carries a warning signal that you should not ignore. Your health, both physical and mental, should be your priority.