Most Common Dreams About Train

A train in a dream symbolizes a set path, as well as the goal you are trying to reach. These are long-term plans that you have made and set out to pursue. The dreams about a train in general talk about your mission, goals, or life journey, and their meaning changes depending on whether you’re driving a train, if you missed the train, if you are witnessing a train crash and the like. Trains take you from place to place, to your pre-planned destination, such an emblem to goals and dreams you want to achieve in your life.

Let’s look at the individual dreams about the train and its meanings!

dreams about train
What does a train symbolize in your dream?

Keep in mind that dreams can have a personal meaning or bear an answer for you, so it’s important to remember as much detail as possible from the dream, what colors you saw, what was happening, what you said or how you felt.

Delayed train in a dream

Summary: You are rethinking ideas

You have a plan and you have a goal. You know what you want to achieve and what to strive for. However, the delay of the train gives you time to assess your thoughts and possibly revise them to avoid a hasty decision. E.g., reassessment of credit, mortgage, or other long-term liabilities.

Train crash in a dream

Summary: You will solve the partnership crisis

If you have dreamed of a train crash, whether you were a witness or you have been involved in a train crash, such a dream is a bad sign indicating a significant problem in your life that has happened or will happen because you had a very lax and ruthless approach to solving minor issues and towards your duties.

dream about train

Missed train in a dream

Summary: You missed the opportunity

It means you just missed some opportunity. You have been planning for a long time that you will do something, but due to unexpected events, this eventually came to an end. This does not mean that the opportunity will not come again. You just need to wait, listen to your intuition, and not overlook signs.

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Train standing in a dream

Summary: You’re on the right track

Seeing a train standing at a train station or somewhere else means you’re on the right track, you know what you want in life, what you want to achieve, and you’re working on getting your plans moving. Sooner or later, you will get some idea or help from someone to help you move toward your dream destination.

A train wreck in a dream

Summary: Obstacles, failed plans

If you have dreamed of a train wreck, this is not a good sign. It means unexpected obstacles that will interrupt your plans or direction of your life journey. The more wrecks you see, the more obstacles you will encounter.

The train ride in beautiful surroundings (countryside) in a dream

Summary: Your life is going in the right direction

This dream means that your life is going in the right direction, and if you keep the right mindset, believe in your potential, and don’t get off the train prematurely, you will achieve your goal. Enjoy the journey, life is good, and you’re heading in the right direction.

Driving a train in a dream

Summary: You have full control over your life

The dream of driving a train is one of the most pleasant dreams of trains. You are the master of your destiny and have absolute control over your life. You know where to go and what steps to take to turn your dreams into reality.