Tarot Spread Layout For Travel – Should I Travel? – 7 Card Spread

Are you planning a vacation, overseas or domestic trip? Cast this spread after you have decided upon a destination to see what the travel gods have in store for you. 

This tarot spread can help you in many aspects and give you plenty of insight into your travel plans. Are there obstacles on the horizon that you should avoid? Are there hidden benefits that could help smooth out any difficulties? Or will there perhaps be some danger that it is better to avoid and you should rather cancel your trip?

Cast Your Cards

For best results, grab your passport or ID, sunglasses, and guidebook, and cast your cards in the shape of an airplane. As you lay out the cards, visualize that you are already in that place or country. For example, imagine the sound of sea waves, singing parrots, or a mountain breeze. It will help you tune in to the wave of travel, and the interpretation will be more accurate.

Card 1. Will there be delays in traveling?
Card 2. If so, what can I do to circumnavigate the issue?
Card 3. What is the most important thing about this vacation?
Card 4. What new things should I try while away?
Card 5. Will a romantic spark be ignited?
Card 6. How do I make the most of my vacation?
Card 7. What unexpected awesomeness may happen?

When it comes to traveling, trust your intuition. Intuition is essentially your sixth sense — the ability to know something without being told. When you’re planning a trip, listening to your intuition can help prevent you from making mistakes or overlooking details that could lead to an unpleasant experience or even danger. In combination with the tarot, you can find out if it is a good idea to travel; if there is any danger waiting for you, or, on the contrary, pleasant times.